Our Mission

Our Mission

Alright, so here we are for Monday’s Message, and today is the 24th of October. I’d like to give a little shoutout. Today is my little man’s birthday. David is turning five years old today, that’s right, and he still wants a Nintendo Switch. Yeah, he does. If any of you want to go buy him a Nintendo Switch, I will be more than pleased to hold on to it for a little while. I don’t know if I want him to have one quite yet, but we’re getting closer to that idea.

Our little man, he has a little techno genius. So, James, you might have a little wizard in the making in my son, David, because that little guy can take my phone and do things with it that I don’t even have a clue about. Then it’s all messed up. And I don’t know what to do next, but he can then undo it and fix it again. Like I said, he’s a techno genius. So, on this Monday Message, I just wanted to shout out and tell my little man, happy birthday.

On top of that, I wanted to talk about our mission, Northwest Enforcement’s Mission. Part of our core value statement and who we are and our core purpose. We have a mission statement, and that’s to supply superior service in an ever-changing environment. That’s right. We want to memorize our mission statement because it’s important to us. So, why is that? Supply superior service in a never-changing environment. Well, we have done that, hands down. And because of our core values, we can supply that superior service even in an environment that is constantly changing, whether it be politically, or environmentally – it doesn’t matter.

The end result is we adapt and go with it. We can apply great humility, ownership, investment, transparency, and resolve. And we love to eat cake. So we can do those things because we celebrate like a family. We can do those things, and we can continue like our purpose. Our core purpose is to be valuable because nothing less will do. We can do those things because we supply superior service in an ever-changing environment. We focus on the mission at hand.

So, I want to tell you a couple of little things that bring that to mind for me and resonate with me. I talked about one of them here not too long ago. Brendan Cooley was at Lowe’s and saw somebody with a flat tire. He was in uniform. He turned around and he went and changed the flat tire. We got an email about that.

We’ve had officers in the past – we had an officer one time who saw a crash that took place, and so it wasn’t even on a property. He just saw that somebody hit a sign, and damage was done to that sign. We’re talking about, like, a gas station sign – these things cost seventy thousand dollars. And so, the damage was done, and he stopped to help the person. He got them help, he got their car towed, he got a tow truck and stuff.

He helped that person get to where they were going. Then he documented a report, and in his report, he documented and wrote down the establishment, the phone numbers, and things like that that he could find. So, we reached out and told him what had happened, and in that process, we got an email back from that client saying thank you because they went after the insurance to get their sign repaired.

Because again, even though it was an inanimate object, it still was a thing of value and it was of huge value to that client. Again, they were not a client of ours, but to that citizen. And again, part of our job, what we do, the importance of what we do, it’s not just for clients or paying customers; it’s for the community at large because we care about our community that we live in. And that’s what drives us deeper from within our hearts and minds to continue to move forward.

We’ve done the same thing for guests of clients. I remember one time there was a snowstorm, and one of our officers – somebody came in off of a red-eye flight, right? They went to Barbados or something, and they came back, and they had to drive to Eugene. They got back to the hotel where they had a park and fly. And they stayed the night, and then they flew out the next day. Then when they got back, their car’s waiting for them, but there were like three inches, four inches of snow.

And this person’s asking for directions. My officer, our team member, took and helped them clean off their car, gave them great directions to get on the highway, and routed them in the direction that they were headed to help them get home. Again, we got the kudos for that because we’re reaching out many times for the things that are not part of the job description.

It’s the small little things that we do that make a huge impact on the community, the client, the customer, and the guests that we serve. And that’s why we exist: to supply superior service in a never-changing environment. We do those things because we want to be valuable because nothing less would do. We do it because we have humble hearts, and we like to serve. And we’re not too proud to pick up trash. We do it because we’re invested. We do those things.

So on this beautiful Monday again, shout out, David, happy birthday. Love you, little man. Guys, be valuable. Nothing less will do. I’ll see you later. Bye. See you.