Problems and Connections


Hey team, here we are. Another Workshop Wednesday. Last one of this month. We’re moving into November. How cool is that? This week we are talking about problems and connections.

Well, I was reading, as I always do, some stuff from John Maxwell. And he said, “I’ve yet to meet a person that focused on the problems of yesterday and had a better tomorrow” Later, he quotes a man named Norman Vincent Peale who said, “Positive thinking is how you think about the problem. Enthusiasm is how you feel about the problem. The two together determine what you do about the problem.”  I thought that was kind of cool.

When you think about it, right?  Your problems. We all have them, we all have problems. We all have things that come up, that pop up. And our problems from yesterday, we spend a lot of time thinking about them today. You’re not going to be doing much for tomorrow, and what do you think about? How do you focus? And how do you work out problems of tomorrow, today? How do you do that?

Well, many times, I think it takes the team. I think that we can get caught in our own heads and we can run 5-10-15 different scenarios; but we don’t know which one is right necessarily, because we’re trapped in the problem with ourselves, and our own thinking. We’re trying to get out on our own devices. Whereas I think that sometimes the best thing that we can do is have some of that enthusiasm that Norman Vincent Peale talked about. But at the same time connect with others. Connect with men and women around you and let them know that you’re struggling, that you’re dealing with stuff.

Sometimes our greatest enemy is ourselves because we don’t want people to know that we have issues. We want to try to keep them to ourselves. Pretend that we’re doing OK. When you admit that you need help and that you could use some resources in some way shape or form. Many times, the people around you have connections to other people that can help you and benefit you long-term.

So, as we go through the rest of this week, and on into next week, I want you to think about it. Instead of focusing on yesterday’s problems because that’s not going to help you tomorrow. It’s definitely going to help you today. Work on those things that are going to help you in your future. Focus on those things. Listen, connect, be open, be transparent. Going back to some of our core values.

You might just find that others can help lift you up out of your problem because you’re connecting with them and sharing where you’re at. Those trusted friends and allies on the team, and in your community.

All right guys till next Wednesday. Remember to be valuable because nothing else will do.

Share your problems with one another. Don’t focus on yesterday. Let’s move forward into tomorrow. Look at it with an enthusiastic way to solve our problems together.

God bless you, guys. I’ll see you next week.