Halloween 2022


Hey team. All right, so here we are, October 31st, the last day of October. Happens to be Halloween. Some of you might be, like me, going to be taking your kids out for a little candy run this Halloween. And some of you are going to be at work and doing what you need to do. Some of you love this holiday, some of you despise this holiday. I guess it just depends on each person. But I just want to say thank you for the hard work that you do tonight, like every night. We’re gonna have a lot of kids running around on the streets. We want them to be safe, and sometimes that includes our investment in our community to make sure that we’re out there paying attention on the roads, and helping people know they need to be safe.

The same is true for our resolve, sticking to a plan, and focus on working things out. I know that some of you would like to be off tonight, but you’re going to have to work tonight. I appreciate you for your hard work and your work ethic for coming into work anyway. Your community will thank you also.

So, as we’re moving through, and we only got a couple of months left, and we’ve got some Christmas parties planned out and all those kinds of things. Tonight, on this what some people enjoy, I know my boys love going out and getting candy. Make sure you’re thinking about the safety of your children and the safety of the neighborhood. Drive a little slower, keep your lights on, pay attention to your surroundings, check the candy for your kids, and make sure that somebody didn’t do something stupid. We always have a few of those knuckleheads out there that use this as an opportunity to try to harm others, and with the rise of Fentanyl and other things out there, I’m not trying to scare you, but it’s a real-life situation that can transpire.

So make sure you’re being extra careful, maybe that you’re only going to neighbors that you trust, that you know are going to events, churches have typically had Harvest parties and things like that where you can trust the source of the candy that your kids are getting. So think about those things too, and remember, be valuable because nothing less will do. And Sonja, the pumpkins, bats in the background, this was for you. That’s right, everybody who knows Sonja knows that she loves Halloween. All right, God bless you guys, be valuable, nothing less will do. See you guys next week.