Chad Thanks Eddie Moran

Eddie Moran

Hey team, here we are for another Thankful Thursday. I just wanted to be a little extra thankful for Eddie Moran. Eddie’s on our care team. If you guys have not met Eddie, he is an absolutely amazing guy. Some of you will remember last year, I think it was, he won a 58-inch TV at our raffle.

I’m sorry, I’m kind of squirrelly. Actually, because I can see a squirrel in the background behind me, going through the nuts and stuff. We have some hazelnuts in our flower beds, and they go crazy. Anyway, I don’t want to get sidetracked from my absolute admiration and thankfulness for Eddie.

Eddie, we appreciate you. Every time I see you, man, you got a smile on your face. You’re very happy. You’re joyful. You and I know that’s not because you’re just giddy with life and everything, but you have not had the easiest life, like all of us, and you appreciate what you have. I see that in you, that you appreciate what you’ve got and you put everything that you’ve got into what you do. It resonates with our community, it resonates with our vendors, it resonates with the people we know that we see every day. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your hard work and your care and your love for the team that you have and the respect that you generate and give to our community partners and to the people around us.

So, Eddie, thank you. We’re very thankful for you not just today, but at all times because of what you do. And you do it with humility, you do it with investment, you do it, I think a little bit because you like to eat cake, but you do it and you have resolve and you persevere through the tough stuff. And again, we thank you for that. So if you haven’t met Eddie, maybe at the next barbecue coming up, which is real soon, you should come and meet Eddie, give him a big hug, tell him how much you love him, talk to him a little bit about what he does. You will be inspired by his stories and by the person he is.

So, again, Eddie, thank you, buddy. The rest of you, get out there and be valuable just like Eddie Moran because nothing less will do. I’ll talk to you soon.