Help Others

Help Others

Hey team, alright, so here we are. Another Workshop Wednesday. It’s November. It’s crisp, it’s exciting.

So, Alan McGinnis, he’s a writer, said “There is no more noble occupation…than to assist another human being.” What does that say? Well, I really like that quote because I believe in that quote. I think that helping others is an important thing. I think there’s something that happens to the giver and the receiver when we help others.

The posting for this happens to be in mid-November, so tomorrow is the Marine Corps birthday. Oorah! I turn 247 years old. My son, the day after that on the 11th, on Veteran’s Day, turns 11 years old. So, Jonathan will be 11. Happy Birthday, J.T. So excited to be a part of your life. I’m so excited to be your dad. I’m so excited to spend time going out to eat some great food.

The great thing about Veteran’s Day and birthdays is that they give free food at a lot of restaurants. So, me and J.T., we get up early in the morning. We go down to Krispy Kreme. We get ourselves a donut and a cup of coffee because they give out birthday donuts and they give out Veteran’s donuts. It’s awesome! Then we’re going to make our way over to maybe Denny’s. We’re going to have ourselves a Mega Slam, or something like that. Maybe the Pancake House or something like that. We usually end up at Red Robin because they give out some free burgers.

I mean, some of you, if you’re Veterans, or you have Veterans in your life. Think about that noble occupation of helping others. Good reason to think of that. Good reason to reach out across and tell somebody thank you. Vets make lots of sacrifices to help other people. All around the world, they sign up to protect our country. So, my hats off…see I’m not wearing a hat… to all of our Veterans in Northwest Enforcement, Inc and all of our Veterans in the United States around the world that are serving today.

I have family members; I have a niece right now in the United States Marine Corps serving. So, my little Zoe, praise God for her every day and for her sacrifices. Perhaps this Thanksgiving she’s somewhere overseas. She’s doing something for her country, she’s not able to go have a meal. I’ll tell you right now, if you have an opportunity to take a service member out to dinner or to be with them, I can tell you right now.

As a service member that spent time abroad, and away from family on holidays like this; it’s a special thing, to take them into your family. I spent one time; I was away, and they had families in this community that I was miles, thousands of miles away from my parents as a young United States Marine. A random family took me into their home on Thanksgiving and fed me very good and were very kind to me. It was very nice to be around a family even though it wasn’t my family in those moments.

So, remember our Veterans tomorrow or the next day, I’m sorry, this weekend. Remember them. Say, thank you to the Vets in your life. Those that have served. On the Marine Corps birthday tomorrow, make sure you Oorah! Start singing “From the Halls of Montezuma, to the Shores of Tripoli” Go get yourself the Marine Corps hymn. You can find it. Google it. Read the Marine Corps hymn, have a deeper understanding of what it means, and a little bit of my heritage. Go read about Presley O’Bannon or Chesty Puller. Some of the greats in the United States Marine Corps. Some good stuff.

Anyway, on this Workshop Wednesday guys. As we’re getting into Veteran’s Day. As we’re moving into the holidays, think of that. Hug on those you love. Nothing else truly will matter.

When it’s all said and done, if you don’t have people you love around you; that’s another reason I’m so thankful for all of you. It’s so great to work around a group of men and women that appreciate each other and are working for the same goal to accomplish great things in the community. To help people feel safe in times of turmoil and strife. We have the best job in the world helping others. I have the best people in the world, that’s you.

 So, remember to be valuable because nothing less will do. God bless you, guys.

 I’ll see you next week.