Good morning, team. Here we are for another Monday Message. I’m sitting out here on my deck. The sun hasn’t come up yet, and you hear the water in the background because it’s raining again. That’s right. It’s been a few months; we haven’t seen very much rain, which is a little strange here in Oregon. So it’s kind of refreshing to have the rain back. I’m sitting here with my cup of coffee, and I’ve been thinking about you. I always think about the team.

Today is Monday, so today is our core value day. I was thinking about something I read from a human relations expert named Les Giblin. He said, “You can’t make somebody feel important in your presence if secretly you feel that they are nobody.” That made me start thinking about humility. I hope I didn’t butcher that quote; I read it just a little bit ago, but I don’t know if I quoted it quite to memory. But the premise is the same. I can’t make you feel important if I don’t think that you’re important if I believe that you’re nobody. If I’m sitting with you and I think that you’re less than me, which comes back to our core values. Humility. A humble person puts other people up. They don’t secretly envy someone else; they don’t believe that somebody else is nobody.

As I’m sitting here by the fire and I’m thinking about you and I’m thinking about what we did here in the last month, everybody here now knows that over 97 people got a dollar raise. As a matter of fact, probably 40 to 50 of them got over a dollar fifty to a dollar seventy-five raise. Because I put value in. Karen and I put value in. The team puts value in you. We put a huge amount of value in you, in what you are and who you are.

If I want to see you rise up and become better than you are today, I have to believe in you. I have to encourage you, I have to train you, I have to coach you, I have to mentor you. I have to believe that you have a greater capacity than what you have today, maybe even than you have for yourself. And I have to believe in you more than you believe in you in some cases.

I know it’s worked for me. Somebody else put into me, somebody else believed in me when I didn’t believe in me. It got me to thinking that maybe I can achieve, maybe I can grow, maybe I can become more than I am because they believed in me. So on this Monday morning, believe in you because I believe in you. You are great, you are capable, and it is through our humility for one another and towards one another that we believe in each other and that we raise each other up. It’s not believing less in myself; it’s believing in myself less.

Does that make sense? It’s not that I believe less of me to believe in you. It doesn’t require me to believe in myself less to believe in you and all that you are capable of. It just means that I have to stop focusing on me and believe in me less. Spend less time thinking about me and spend more time thinking about you and others. That’s what humility is all about, holding the ladder in the light for others, caring for those around me, and loving on each other more than I think about myself.

So on this beautiful Monday, guys, even though it’s raining and I don’t know what today may be for you because this will be posted in a few weeks, maybe it won’t be raining, maybe it’ll just be cold, who knows? However, it’s going to be November, so it’s probably going to be raining. But on this beautiful Monday, God bless you and be valuable because nothing less will do. All right, let’s go be humble together. I’ll talk to you later. See you next week.