Chad Thanks Marshall Vest

Marshall Vests

Hey team! So here we are again, Thankful Thursday, and I’m out here on my deck. It’s kind of raining. It’s hard to believe that the month is coming pretty much to a close. We’re going to be done here with the month of November. We’ll be moving into December. It’s a little hard sometimes to really recognize how fast a year moves.

But this year, we brought on an intern. His name is Marshall Best. Many of you may have not met him. Or maybe at one of the barbecues or something this summer, you had an opportunity to get to know Marshall a little bit. I’m very thankful for Marshall. In a time of need, we reached out. Marshall had some part-time in his schedule from school to be able to join our team and help us out.

I know he helps out the finance department tremendously because I hear it from Barbie. I hear it from Wendy all the time about what a great guy Marshall is. So, if you haven’t met Marshall, we’re coming up on our Christmas parties, reach out and get to know Marshall. I’m assuming he’s going to be there because he’s a great guy, and I think he likes to eat. He’s a little skinny, so he needs to eat. Marshall, we’re really thankful for you. We’re thankful for all the hard work you put in and the attention to detail that you have to be great at what you do.

We believe that when you graduate next year and you’re finished with all your schooling, that nothing but great things are going to happen for you and your future because of the kind of character and the person you are. We are super thankful that you’re part of our team right now and that you’re helping us out in such a way that you have been. So again, thankful Thursday is about being thankful, and today we’re really thankful for Marshall.

If you get a chance, reach out to Marshall, tell him how thankful you are. If you’re in the office dropping by and he happens to be in there crunching numbers or something, give him a wave. For the rest of you, let’s get back to work. God bless you, and remember, be valuable because nothing less will do.

All right, I’ll see you next week.