Chad Thanks Our Advisory Board

Advisory Board

So, here we are, Thankful Thursday. It happens to be Thanksgiving. So we have a lot to be thankful for. Number one, we’re thankful for family. We’re thankful for the team, we’re thankful for a lot of people in our lives. But there’s a group of people I want to tell you about. There are our Advisory Board members. We have a group of men and women who come together and they listen to what we’re dealing with and what we’re about. We meet about once a quarter, a few times a year. But more importantly, they’re available to us through text message, through email, through a phone call.

I have some pretty amazing, smart people, Karen and I do, to reach out and ask questions. It has changed a lot for us that we have people in our lives that care about us, care about our mission and our purpose, that they understand that we love God, and that we love people, that we love our team, that we love our community, and the things that we’re trying to do. So we’re super thankful for these men and women in our lives, our Advisory Board.

Let this be a teaching moment, maybe for some of you. I think that many people in our lives and many of our people here on our team, those of you that are watching right now on this Thankful Thursday, that let this be a thought process that maybe helps you reach out to others. We all need somebody that’s smarter than us, and obviously for me, that’s not too hard. I can find somebody smarter than me almost everywhere I go.

Sarcasm happens to be my first language. But the important thing for you to take away from this, guys, is that you need people in your life that you can reach out to that can give you advice. That you don’t try to shut yourself in and solve all your problems by yourself, that you try to believe that nobody else cares or that you want to try to save face. If you got a problem going on, reach out, find solutions. The best way to do that is find people that are outside of your box that are looking at it from the outside that can speak into your life and help you find the right solutions.

We have done that. It has helped Karen and I tremendously, knowing that we can call up out of the blue and ask a question, whether it be financial or real estate, or be related to sales or be related to marketing. We have really smart people, and the best thing is that sometimes they may not have the answer, but they know somebody that does, and they put us in touch with somebody else.

That’s the beautiful thing about community and getting together and having people in your life that can speak into it. The other thing is that sometimes they don’t say things that you want to hear, and that’s another important thing. You don’t want to just surround yourself with yes people. People that are looking to just tell you that they want to please you. Sometimes you need to have somebody in your life that gets your head back in the game, that squares you away, that tells you you’re wrong, that tells you to put your feet back on the right path because you’re straying off course. Those are helpful people to have in your life, and you need those, and that’s what Karen and I are thankful for.

So, on this Thankful Thursday, happens to be Thanksgiving, I want to say a huge shout out thank you to Mark. Mark, thank you so much. Your wisdom and your advice and your connections in our lives have been amazing. Nancy, what can I say about Nancy? Nancy, you are amazing when it comes to number crunching and helping us understand financial stuff and steer us in the right directions, helping us find the right people to put on our team to bounce things off of. You have been instrumental, so thank you.

And James, you’re just, I mean, who doesn’t know James? I don’t even ask people anymore if they know you. I just say when did you meet James? You’re an amazing guy. So we really appreciate you too and the resources and the connections that you have. John, you and I are like brothers. We both speak sarcasm fluently, and I appreciate having you on our team. I appreciate having your connection and your love and your support.

And Lola Barb, you’ve been with us for a couple of decades. It almost feels like you did our 15th anniversary and helped me and Karen get married a second time, which was absolutely amazing. Here we are coming up on 30 next year, and it’s hard to believe that it’s already been 15 years since that time and more years before that. It has been a blessing to have you and Barb pray with us and pray for us.

Jason, it’s been great having you on our journey with us and being a part of our lives. So I want to say a huge thank you to you too and your wife, Nikki. Your partnership with us has been legendary because we share the Marine Corps birthday. And that connection has been a blessing in my life as well. So, thank you. I don’t know if I’m making sure I haven’t missed anybody. I think I got them all that are on the Advisory Board, and we have a whole bunch of other people.

Well, we got Rick and Deb. Rick, Deb, you guys aren’t on the Advisory Board in the sense of sitting down in the meeting rooms with us, but it has been absolutely a blessing for us to be able to reach out to you and talk to you and share with you our hearts and to hear back from you wisdom or connections, the connections that you have put us in touch with, with some of the people on our Advisory Board, for the connections that you put into our lives or put into our hearts, the ideas to do things differently. It’s been a huge blessing to us, and it’s a blessing that we can reach out and talk to you.

So, again, thank you, because on this Thankful Thursday, being Thanksgiving in 2022, I just wanted to reach out and tell our family, our team family. That we have great men and women like you guys that are speaking into our lives and helping lead us onward and forward to better things. So, team, God bless you. We do have a great Advisory Board. We have great men and women that are a part of our team that give us great wisdom.

I, again, want to encourage you to reach out as you move into this next year. Look for people around you that are smarter than you. That are gonna tell you the truth, that are going to seek out to give you wisdom and help you get on the right path. So that you continue to march in that right direction for your lives as well.

Regardless of owning a business, it’s great to have mentors in your lives. So remember to be valuable because nothing less will do, and God bless you guys. Have a wonderful, wonderful Thanksgiving today. Karen and I are in Texas right now. So we’re visiting with friends and hanging out, and we’re going to celebrate our anniversary. Our 29th is just in two days, so we’re excited about that.

So, God bless you guys. I’ll see you next week, and we’ll talk some more.