Chad Thanks Nicolas Coi, Rosella Muniz & Andrew Dong

Nicolas, Rosella, Andrew

Hey team. So, Thankful Thursday. What are we thankful for? Well, today we have something really special to be thankful for. We have three, not one but three, officers that did some very amazing work this week.

We had a Central Library. There was a situation where an individual had chosen to use some drugs in the bathroom and they had overdosed and their heart had stopped beating. All three of our officers, both Nicolas Coi, Rosella Muniz, and Andrew Dong, helped out tremendously.

They immediately went to work and they got busy. Helping out, escorting the Medics to the situation. Working on the person, and helping give CPR to that individual immediately to help circulate the blood. They were above and beyond.

As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what the library staff said. They reached out in an email just this week, last night after it happened. And it was exactly what we do. It’s what we’re looking for. We’re there for when those emergencies happen to help people in our community.

It is because of their dedication and because of their hard work that they are being singled out for the greatness that they have done for that person. It ended up that the person’s heart started beating again after the Medics got there, and it was no doubt partially because of the hard work and the dedication and the quick action of our staff.

So, Nicolas, Rosella, Andrew, you guys, thank you so much. We appreciate your hard work and your dedication and for being able to stay calm under pressure. So I just wanted to give you guys a shout out.

As a matter of fact, I think I owe all of you guys lunch. It is on my mind to make sure that you guys have a great meal, the three of you, because I can’t tell you how much we appreciate you for your dedication and hard work. And somebody’s life was saved, and we hope that they get the mental help and the physical help for their addiction because they have a second chance now because of you.

So thank you all. Right, God bless the rest of you. Keep being valuable because nothing less will do. And again, thank you guys.