win win win

Hey team, good morning! It’s another Monday Message, and here we go. I was reading John Maxwell, you guys all know I love John Maxwell. He was talking about collaboration and working within a team. He’s talking about the win-win-win when you collaborate and work with others; you win, they win, and the team wins. You benefit others when you’re thinking not just about yourself. Many of us have worked with other people and sometimes other teams where there are individuals who are only thinking of themselves.

But when you’re thinking of more than yourself, and it goes to our core values, you’re showing your humility and your investment when you’re putting others first. When you’re thinking about what can benefit the greater good of the team. I love that because, again, win-win-win. I want you to win, I want to win, and I want the team to win. The best way sometimes for us to accomplish that is to be thankful and grow with each other, to look for ways to improve, encourage, and help others as leaders. To mentor and coach individuals to be the best that they can be for themselves and see them inch closer and closer and closer to that greatness that’s within them, their potential so that they can achieve their purpose.

We’re excited about what’s been going on and what’s happening. As we’re coming close to the end of this year, we’re almost halfway there. Christmas is just around the corner, in just a few days, as a matter of fact. Coming up here this Wednesday, today’s the 12th, this Wednesday coming up, we have our second Christmas party. It’s going to be epic, and a lot of fun. We’re going to be enjoying our time together, white elephant gifts, eating some great food, and being together. I’m excited about that.

So, on this December, and it’s probably cold outside, make sure you’re bundled up. Thank you for your hard work, for your investment, and to us. Thank you for your investment into the people around you, thank you for your investment into the community, thank you for your humility, and we love you and appreciate you. So, God bless, and I’ll see you guys next Monday after the party. Bye, see ya!