Is Your Mind on Fire?

mind on fire

Hey team! Well, here we are for Wednesday Workshop. I’ve got my little buddy, David with me. We’re sitting here drinking some coffee, eating some Fruit Roll-Up bars. Well, he’s doing the Fruit Roll-Up bar thing and we’re here for Wednesday Workshop. 

Christmas is over, and we had a lot of fun. Did you have a lot of fun for Christmas? What was your favorite Christmas gift? 


He got a Nintendo Switch! That will make some of you very, very, happy that he might not try to steal yours at the next Christmas party.

Alright so we’re here for Wednesday Workshop and a gentleman, I think his name is Plutarch. I think he might be, I mean really old, I mean we’re talking like Socrates type old, said “The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.” I thought about that. I was like, man that’s really kind of a good statement in a roundabout way, as I’m thinking about it.

Your mind isn’t just something to pour knowledge and information into, but to inspire you.

Your mind should have a spark, a flame to it. That gets excited about moving forward on life, and in life, and through this life that we share. I don’t know about you, but it sparks me. Because when I think about my own mind and how I react to things, I’m always on fire. I’m constantly thinking about stuff, and I have new ideas like one every few seconds it seems like. 

I have well, David’s a lot like that, huh? He’s always talking. He’s always got something to say. I’m surprised he hasn’t said anything more right now. He’s kind of I think mesmerized by the fact that he keeps disappearing from the screen here. Because we got the green screen and every time he moves around he can kind of make himself hide. 

But back to what I was saying for Wednesday Workshop.

Your mind is a fire to be kindled.

It’s not a vessel that just holds information. You are not a tape recorder or a disk drive. You should have information that flows in and through you in a valiant way and come up with some great ideas that can better what we do here. What happens in life itself.

I think about a lot of our team members that have shared information. I was talking with a group of leaders, not just a few, within the last week and some of them came up with some ideas to make things better here at Northwestern Enforcement, Inc. That’s what I love is, that spark ignites, that flame grows, and it transcends just us doing something ourselves, but we band together, and we make things pretty great together.

All right so Wednesday Workshops over. I know it’s time to get back to work. I just want to say God bless you guys and I hope you had a Merry Christmas. New Year’s is just literally a few days away. Looking forward to 2023. That ball to drop and for us to enter into another 365 days of awesome stuff that we’ve got coming up. So, God bless you. Have a wonderful and awesome New Year. I will talk to you guys next Wednesday. 

Remember, be valuable because nothing less will do.

 Bye! See Ya!