Chad Thanks Officer Tipton

Officer Tipton

Hey team. So, here we are, Thankful Thursday, the very first Thursday of 2023. How awesome is that? Well, I wanted to say, what am I thankful for?

Well, one of the things I’m thankful for, and somebody that came to mind towards the end of last week, is Officer Tipton. I don’t know how many of you guys know him, but he’s been working with us for a little while now.

And I think the thing that comes up so often when Officer Tipton’s is mentioned is dependable. He’s a very dependable individual. He is willing to pretty much do anything that we ask of him, and he can fill in almost anywhere.

Right now, he’s been doing that for us. We had a situation that took place where we were moving him because we believed him to be the right person for that seat to be working, and the client, for whatever reason, a whole bunch of things happened, and they decided they didn’t need security anymore and they forgot to tell us about it.

He showed up not one but two days in a row, right after Christmas, and mistakes were made on their part. Tipton got paid; we’re going to do the right thing by him and stuff. He took it with such grace and did such a great job in filling in, and now he’s filling in in some other locations.

Like I said, dependable is the word that just keeps coming up. And I guess I could just also just go right down our core value list, right? I mean, the man loves to invest in the team, and he cares.

When he was working there, I knew the libraries loved him, and I have a feeling that when they reopen after completing their renovation, he will be right back there again, helping to supervise what’s going on.

Being valuable because nothing less will do fits Officer Tipton to a T. He is super valuable, transparent. He’s willing to work hard; he’s willing to show the best version of himself through his character. I love that. I know he likes to eat cake too.

We’ve run into him at Christmas parties and we’ve run into him at barbecues and Cinco de Mayo and stuff like that. He’s just a fun guy to be around, and he’s a dependable guy to be around. He’s reliable and cares very deeply about our company and each and every person that works here.

So I can’t say enough good things about him. And so, Officer Tipton, I’m very thankful for you. We, as a team, are very thankful for you. So much so that you deserve a wheel spin.

And so I think that somebody’s going to be bringing a wheel out to one of your posts, or we’re going to get you in here to the shop, and we’re going to have you spin a wheel. You’re going to win a prize here in 2023. You’re going to be one of our first prize winners because we care about you, and we thank you for caring about us.

All right, guys, be valuable because nothing else will do. Get out there, be awesome like Tipton is. Be valuable, do awesome stuff, care for the client, care for the community.

We’ll see you guys a little bit later. Bye, see ya.