Hey team! Here we are Workshop Wednesday. Ann Landers said “Opportunity, most opportunity is disguised as work. So most people, they never really find it” Now I think, I paraphrased and not the exact quote. But again, right? Opportunity is disguised as work. So, most people miss it. I think that’s kind of true because when I think about all the opportunities I’ve had in life, it wasn’t found. I never found it. Never got into it. Never realized the potential of the opportunity until I was working. Until I was really putting forth the effort to accomplish something. 

Sometimes it was while I was working that all of a sudden, an opportunity came along. Whether it be for a better job, or a new idea, or something like that. It’s not just sitting around dreaming or wishing for something. I mean, dreaming is great. Dreaming sometimes helps us lead to vision. But until you actually put action to something, it doesn’t really do anything for you. So, most opportunities that we have, and I think if you look in your own lives, you’ll realize that most of the great things that have ever happened to you happened to you because you were working. You were applying yourself in some regard. 

Some people go to school for a number of years. They get their master’s degree, or their doctorate, or something along those lines. They’re working towards maybe a goal. But I think most of us are not doing the job that we thought we were going to do when we started in that schooling. But other opportunities presented themselves and we found ourselves living our dream. 

Doing the thing that we really, really, really wanted and make it a real big difference, and an impact in this world, in the lives of others. Because we were in the middle of working and accomplishing something; even if it was just going to school every day and taking a class one, right after, another. Then another opportunity popped up. 

I think the most opportunity is that way, I really do. I think it happens when we’re working. So, while you’re out there working, look for the opportunities that are going to present themselves to you. The value that you will bring to your community and to the people you serve and the opportunities that will be limitless because of the hard work that you’re doing. I know it’s produced itself in my life, and I’ve seen it produce itself in the lives of many of the people around me. I’ve seen it produce itself even in my boys’ lives, and their hard work produces opportunity, produces outcomes that are far greater than just sitting around hoping for something new, or hoping for something better, or wishing for something doesn’t ever accomplish anything, to sit idle. Most progresses forward moving, momentum happens because of movement not from sitting still.

 All right, guys Wednesday Workshop over. But God bless you and remember to be valuable because nothing less will do. 

All right I’ll see you guys next week.