Chad Thanks Codie Jennison

Codie Jennison

All right, it is Thankful Thursday and, well, the month is marching along. So who are we thankful for today?

It’s kind of funny, I want to tell you a quick little story. I was talking to my boy, Jonathan, he’s nine, third grade. I was mentioning Thankful Thursday and who we should be thankful for and was asking his mom. He goes, “Well, Dad, how about Codie?”

I’m like, “We haven’t talked about Codie in a while and we are very thankful for her.” It’s just kind of funny how, with the very limited impact that any of our team members really have and the connection that they have with our boys. They make a lasting impression on our boys, and Codie Jennison is one of those.

Codie, I’m thankful that you’ve made a lasting impact in the limited amount of time that you spent around Jonathan. That he remembers you. Maybe it’s something that you said. Maybe it’s that you took interest in one of his knives or his sword. Or maybe his cars that he’s interested in, maybe you listened to one of his stories or something.

But that’s what’s so beautiful about our team, is that we take interest in each other’s lives. Codie is very close to and pays attention to the things that are going on within team members’ lives. And what’s happening around them, and those that are especially close to her. And what she deals with when it comes to sales and marketing.

We’re very thankful to have somebody that is that focused and that intent on being valuable to other team members and to our clients that we serve.

Codie, we are super duper thankful for so many different things: your analytical mind, the way you think, the way you process information, and more importantly, how much you care.

So thank you for being an impact in my family and thank you for being an impact in all of our families. We are very thankful for you.

All right team, remember to be valuable because nothing less will do, and I’ll see you guys next week.

God bless.