Officer Highlight: Sergeant Carrie Frazier

Sergeant Carrie Frazier

Here at Northwest Enforcement, we pride ourselves on hiring some of the best officers out there. From time to time, we have an officer that goes above and beyond which proves even more what rockstar officers we have! This week we are honored to be highlighting Sergeant Carrie Frazier. 

Sgt. Frazier joined Northwest Enforcement from Columbia Security in August of 2020.  During that time, she has proven herself as a stellar team member and a true model of what it means to be an officer and a leader with Northwest Enforcement.  With her always welcoming attitude, she always puts the best forward whether it be with clients, other team members, or the communities we serve.  Her dedication and resolve is apparent by her willingness to step up and help in any way she can, if it be training others, taking on additional tasks, or mentoring, she is always looking for ways to grow, either for herself, or team members around her. 

Sergeant Carrie Frazier, thank you for being such an amazing member of the team.  Your dedication and commitment to the team is always appreciated.  Your positive and welcoming approach shines through, and we are grateful for all that you do.  YOU ROCK!!!!