Hey team, so here we are, Workshop Wednesday. It’s been a little bit since I’ve posted one of these. So, I thought I would reach back out, and we’d get this started again. Workshop Wednesday. 

Well, Bruce Lee said, “I do not fear a man that has practiced 10,000 kicks, but I do fear a man that has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” What does that say? Practice. Practice. 

We just got recently done finishing watching the Super Bowl. It is amazing to me. I’m not a huge football fan, but it is amazing to me to watch a group of men run around on the field trying to attack and crush the man with the ball. When that man is a quarterback and he has an entire line rushing trying to hit him and knock him down 800 to 1000 pounds of flesh and bone trying to crush him; and he can have cognitive thought and continue to throw that ball, perfect spiral 35-40 yards, 20 yards into the hands of another person. That takes a lot of practice to be able to handle that immense pressure with hundreds of thousands of people watching in the stadium, and millions of people watching on TV. 

So, practice your craft. Practice the things that matter to you. 

Maybe you’re reading books right now. Maybe you’re doing something to better yourself. You’re taking a college class. Maybe you’re just practicing something else. You’re working in your garage. Practice. That continued hours of practice to do is what’s going to enhance and grow you.

Speaking of practice, we have some training coming up. We just recently finished up a couple of pepper spray classes last month. This next Monday and Friday, we’re going to be doing handcuffing, and we have some CPR  and first aid classes coming up. So, as Christian puts out those, make sure that you’re coming to practice and to learn, and to shape and hone your skills to be a better security officer.

 All right, Workshop Wednesday. I’ll see you guys. God bless you.

 Remember, be valuable because nothing less will do.

 I’ll talk to you next week.