Hey team, here we are for another Wednesday Workshop. Margaret Cousins said “Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary.”

I kind of like that. I don’t know about you but I kind of like that. Our days sometimes can get busy, our week can get busy, our month can get busy. Even our year seems like it just flies by, and it goes so fast. We can forget to appreciate those around us. We can forget sometimes the people that make our jobs a little bit easier.

Sometimes we focus, especially as leaders, sometimes we focus on those that make our jobs harder. We forget about those that make our jobs easier. We forget to show that appreciation to those that make our day. That make our life that much better. Sometimes it’s the loved one sometimes, it’s the people that are at our home. Sometimes it’s a coworker, other times it might be a client. But appreciation can make a day. It can make people’s lives truly change and by us putting it into words really is all that’s necessary. I agree with that.

So, today as you’re going out there, amongst this moving forward in this week. Look around you.

Show some appreciation.

Put into words how you feel about somebody that’s making your life that much better. Tell them thank you. Show them gratefulness. Write them a little card. Put a little note together. Something like that.

We have dozens and dozens of thank you cards here at Northwest Enforcement, Inc. Talk to a leader, I’m sure they can hook you up with one. You can leave a little card for somebody. Hand it to a supervisor to hand to them. Maybe it’s somebody that follows you on one side of the week to the other. They make your job easier because of all the work that they put in to make the site that much better. Think about that.

All right God bless you guys. Have a wonderful rest of your Wednesday. Have a wonderful rest of your week. I will see you again real soon.