Chad Thanks Officer Simmons

Officer Simmons

Hey team, so here we are back again, Thankful Thursday, and today I want to give a shout out and show our thanks to Officer Simmons.

Officer Simmons had a situation that happened a few weeks ago while he was out on patrol, doing his job, being valuable, caring for his community. He witnessed the aftermath of a pretty gnarly car wreck where there was an individual inside their car, and I believe they were unconscious. He helped get them to safety and helped them, and that is just awesome.

Stepping up and putting himself in a place where he could truly benefit and maybe stand in the gap between life and death of somebody else, and that’s what we do. So, Officer Simmons, thank you so much for showing Northwest Enforcement to the community that we care, because it is very, very important to us that we do that and that we invest in the lives of our community and the people around us. We’re very thankful for you.

For the rest of us, let’s get back to work because being valuable, we know there’s nothing less to do. God bless you guys, have a wonderful rest of your week. It’s almost the weekend, and just as importantly, oh my goodness, can you believe it? Tomorrow, you know what tomorrow is? That’s right, tomorrow the 17th, we’re doing a movie here. Come watch Boondock Saints, have a beer, hang out with us, maybe have some pizza, some popcorn. It’s gonna be absolutely epic. I’m gonna be there, let’s do this.

See you guys again, Officer Simmons, you’re the bomb, dude, we love you, man.