Chad Thanks Jeff Berry

Jeff Berry

Hey team. Good day. It is Thankful Thursday. Today I wanted to give a shout out and a little extra thankfulness to Jeff Berry. Jeff is working with Codie in sales and also helps out with QC, which is quality control. A few months ago, we needed to start up again something that I started a few years back. And was doing all by myself, but I couldn’t keep up with it. That was our Officer Highlights.

The fact that we have been posting one a week. Just somebody in the team doing something amazing. Doing something to help a client, doing something to help a citizen, helping another team member, all of these things. It is something that we enjoy sharing with the rest of the team. The excellence, the greatness, and the value that we show to each other and to our community.

I so badly wanted it to get started up again. But finding the right person to take on that task and wanting to take on that task, Jeff Berry stepped up to the plate. In the last few months, on a weekly basis, we have had something nice be said. And that comes directly from Jeff’s office out to the rest of our population, saying something nice that, hey, we have a team member that did something excellent. I so appreciate Jeff stepping up and taking on that task and being willing to help out.

It’s because of his investment and his desire to help in that way that you guys, on a regular basis. I hope you’re reading them. They are getting these emailed to you in that PDF that just says something positive about somebody else. Who knows, next week it might be you. You’ll do something somebody’s going to notice it, take notice, and forward that up. Jeff’s going to take and respond to that by putting you as a highlight of the excellent things that are going on in Northwest Enforcement.

Trust me. It’s not just one a week. We just only have time to post one week, and that is what I love about our team. We have people that step up, and so Jeff, thank you for stepping up. I started the officer highlight thing years ago. The tangible results that came from that are amazing, and that’s why we do now Thankful Thursday too. I want people to be seeing and hearing that we have great team members doing great things and being fabulous at what they do. Thank you for stepping up and being willing to put pen to paper or keyboard to paper or whatever you know what I’m saying.

Thanks, Jeff, for doing that because it’s refreshing to be able to read those every week. And see that we have officers that are out there every night, every day, multiple times a day doing something to better keep our community safe, and that goes right to our mission statement: keeping our community safe. That’s what we want to do, all right. So for the rest of us, let’s keep being valuable because we know nothing less will do. God bless you guys, and Jeff Berry, thank you for being a rock star.

If you want to do a Thankful Thursday, if you have something that you saw somebody else do, make sure you pass that information up. Jeff will probably document that, and it might show up either here on Thankful Thursday, it’ll show up there in an officer highlight. Who knows, maybe even in both locations, you never know. So thank you for that.

And if you want to do a Thankful Thursday on video, you don’t want to see me, you want to see you. I’m always open to getting some screen time for you to sit down and share your feelings about being thankful for somebody else on this team. That is awesome. So if that’s you and you want to do that, you just give me a call or reach out to one of your leaders, tell them, “Hey, I would like to do that.” We will put time and effort into getting you in front of the screen to do that,

All right. God bless you guys. I’ll see you next week.