Chad Thanks Officer Dylan Thorpe

Dylan Thorpe

Hey team, it is what day? That’s right, Thursday. What do we do on Thursday? We say thank you.

Thankful Thursday is all about you. It’s about team members doing excellent work, showing off our core values, and providing the value that our community needs.

So, who are we thankful for today? Well, I would like to introduce you to Dylan Thorpe. Officer Dylan Thorpe. If I got your name right, I hope I did. He is one of our team members up in our Longview office. He’s only been with us like 90 days, not even that.

In one week, he had two clients, not team members, not a supervisor, two clients that specifically took time out of their day to call in and talk to the supervisor and tell Sean how wonderful they think he is and the work that he is doing. That is our core values at work, that is being valuable because nothing less will do. That is showing investment, that is transparency, and that’s why we celebrate and we get together and eat some cake because of people like Officer Thorpe.

So I want to say thank you, bro, for showing off our core values to our community, showing off our core values to the rest of our team, and giving us something to aspire and rise to. The hard work and ethic that you show really pays and paves that way for us, for each of us to follow in your footsteps. So thank you for that.

Those of you that haven’t met him, maybe at Cinco de Mayo, you should come up and give him a hug because I’m telling you right now, when we’re hitting that piñata and we’re eating all that cake and we’re enjoying all that time together around a taco and a burrito, and that’s only like 29 days from now, oh my goodness, I’m excited. I don’t know if you are. Again, Officer Thorpe, killing it. Thank you so much. We appreciate you and thank you all, right?

For the rest of us, let’s get out there, let’s be valuable because, you know, nothing else will do. See you next week. God bless.