Chad Thanks Codie Jennison

Codie Jennison

Hey team, so here we are. It is the Thankful Thursday. That’s right. Thankful Thursday is always about team members doing an excellent job and showing their value for the team.

Today, that person for me is Codie Jennison. I’ve had the pleasure of watching this young woman grow and do some amazing stuff. For somebody that does not have a security background. That was in retail, that just came into this team when COVID started, and to watch her grow and blossom and move from position to position, to where now she’s an executive director here on our team. She’s been here now like three years. A little over three years, and she is doing a fabulous job.

Her interfacing. Her communication with team members, with clients, the growth of our team, the growth of our clientele, and who we’re working with. I’m sitting and watching her think in a meeting and supply very thoughtful, helpful, well-thought-out information. She is a huge blessing to all of us here. I don’t think most of us even realize all the things that she does. I don’t even know if I know all the things that she does, and I meet with her three or four times a week sometimes.

She hands down is a great, loyal team member that is invested, that has humility, that has resolve beyond belief, and she loves to eat cake. So we enjoy Codie here, and if you haven’t met Codie yet, maybe you’re new. Cinco de Mayo is coming up, you should go meet Codie.

You should give her a hug or give her a fist bump, say, “Hey, what’s up?” We’re gonna have some piñata time and some tacos. It’s going to be awesome. You should definitely reach out and get to know Codie a little bit. Spend some time over a quesadilla and sit down and have a little bit of time with her. Maybe Ruby will be around, Ruby’s her little dog. Ruby is awesome, so you might want to get to know Ruby too.

But Codie, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you and how valuable you are to Karen and me and the rest of the team. So thank you for being who you are and adding the value and the resources to this great team. Because of who you are and what you do here, we love you, we appreciate you.

Now, for the rest of us, let’s go be valuable like Codie Jennison because nothing less will do.