Chad Thanks Casey Elliott

Casey Elliott

Hey team, all right, so we’re together again. It is Thankful Thursday, and we are so thankful for Casey Elliott. That’s my guy today. I’m telling you, Casey is the man.

Those of you that haven’t met him, many of you in Portland, and especially those of you new. Casey is our Lieutenant up in Longview. He’s our Patrol Lead, and he does such a fabulous job. He has been literally with the company for over 10 years. Not necessarily Northwest Enforcement, but when we purchased Columbia Security, he had already been there for a number of years.

He is so loyal, so dependable. He knows everything. The ins and outs of everything that goes on, and he’s just an all-around great individual. He works hard, he is super motivated, really dedicated, and he’s a great coach and mentor to others to help show them the ropes of how to do tasks and take care of things. He knows every Patrol District in the Longview area, he knows all the on-site locations, and I know that he has on more than one occasion dipped into his own pocket and bought pizza and drinks and meals and different things for team members, whether they’re in need or just to say thank you to those that are on his team that he works with.

We are thankful for somebody that shows his core values so deeply and so well. That he is so invested, that he has got resolve, and he looks for ways to improvise, adapt, and overcome, that he loves to eat cake. And if you’re coming up here real soon on Cinco de Mayo, I know that they’re going to be having a party up in Longview, we’re going to be having one here. I don’t know if Casey’s going to be coming down here, he’s probably going to be hanging out with his team, but those of you in Portland, you need to just put your hands together and clap because we absolutely love having leaders like Casey Elliott.

So Casey, you’re the man today, thank you so much from my heart to you. I am super thankful, I know the executive team feels the same way, and I imagine that Sean, Jim, and Carrie up there in Longview feel exactly the same, along with the rest of the team that is out of Longview, that they absolutely adore you because of your hard work and your dedication. So thank you, buddy, and God bless you.

God bless all of you. Be valuable just like Casey, nothing less will do. I’ll see you next week.