I Don’t Care Who Gets Credit


All right, so here we are again. It is Monday, Monday Message, and today’s message is by Robert Woodruff. He has a quote: “There is no limit to what a man can do or where he can go if he doesn’t mind who gets the credit.” So today, I think we’re going to talk about humility again. Are you confident in who you are, and are you okay with rising with others’ accomplishments? Are you also okay with others’ ideas and growing, leading, and sharing in the limelight? Selfish people and prideful people want all the credit. They want to be the person looked upon as the idea person. The one who comes up with the really cool stuff.

I think we’ve all probably worked with somebody like this. And I think that we’ve all experienced a time where somebody else might have even taken credit for your idea. I know I have. I remember one time I was telling a coworker who was in a position of leadership at the time what I thought would benefit our team. They kind of shot down what I was saying. Not more than a couple of months later, my idea came out of the director’s mouth, and this individual was the one getting all the credit for the idea.

My reply was to the director, “Wow, that is such a great idea. That is fabulous!” Right in front of the director, I looked over at the coworker and said, “That is amazing! Where’d you come up with such a great idea? That is absolutely fabulous. I am so glad that we are moving forward on this. This is absolutely one of the best things I’ve ever heard of.” Now, me and the coworker, we knew where that came from. I didn’t mind him getting the credit, necessarily.

It hurt for a minute, but ultimately, the team prevailed. And it made me feel kind of good inside a little bit when I thought about it that somebody took my idea and ran with it. Even though they were selfishly trying to get credit. I want you to understand something about this piece: if it benefits the team, who gets the credit really doesn’t matter. Because if you’re seeking out good ideas only to benefit yourself, then you’re not very humble.

Just like I said, you can have all the great ideas you want, but if the only reason you have the good idea is to benefit others’ eyes on you and not the team, it doesn’t matter if the idea is amazing and great. You’re doing it for the wrong purpose, and you don’t get much benefit out of that. So on this Monday, I want you to think about those things. No matter who gets the credit, a good idea is still a good idea. There is no limit to where we can go as a company as long as we embrace the greatness and the ideas and move forward.

Gossiping, backbiting, and looking to raise above others will never get us to our end goal. But when we celebrate good ideas regardless of where they came from and we don’t try to steal from others, ultimately, we as a team, we as a company, we as a society will grow and benefit for the greater good of all mankind.

So, guys, on this beautiful Monday, God bless you and remember to be valuable because when we’re humble, we are valuable, and nothing less will do. God bless you guys. I wish you the absolute best week. I am looking forward to seeing you very soon at another party that we have. Hey, did you guys notice Cinco de Mayo was just last week? Last Friday. How fun was that? I mean, oh my goodness, I am so excited that we have parties together, that we celebrate like a family because we love to eat cake and tacos, alright? God bless you guys. I’ll see you next week.