Our Path

our path

Hey team, all right, here we are. It’s Monday, another Monday. And what do we do on Monday? Well, we talk about our core values, Monday Message. So there’s a gentleman by the name of Frank A. Clark who said, “If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.” I think about life. Life has some rocky moments, some uphills, some downhills, some valleys, some times of dry, some times of drought, some times of rain, some times of mud and muckiness. Life sometimes has obstacles, most of the time, many times. We have our times when we have a straight road, easy path, no big deal.

But if you think about even the United States, what happens in most of the flatland and the areas where there’s mostly flat? Well, you end up with tornadoes from time to time. Even the beautiful beaches of Hawaii or Florida have hurricanes. So life is not void of obstacles and trouble and times of navigation around stuff. We’re going through a time of great success and movement, but it is rocky. We’re growing exponentially, and we are feeling the blessing of that. But at the same time, it is tough, it is hard, it is arduous at many different junctures, and time is being spent from lots of different directions to try to accomplish things. Things are changing and very fluid and moving when you think about it.

But Clark is right, if it was just an easy open road, probably doesn’t go anywhere, probably gets nowhere. Because it is through our resolve, tying our core values into it, improvise, adapt, and overcome, it’s through those moments that the successes feel that much better. The wind feels that much better because of the team persevering through the thing together. We feel like we’ve accomplished something because we put effort into it, and therefore we were rewarded. I love that.

So no matter where you’re at right now in this transversing life, both with the company and on your own, in your own family, because that’s even tough too. I’ve been married now almost 30 years, just a few months away, 30 years of marriage. I can honestly tell you there have been some hills and some valleys, and some drought, and some muddy, and some muck, and some mire. And it’s all Karen’s fault. Just kidding, it’s probably many of it’s all my fault too. It’s tough, right? We both share in the fault in that. But ultimately, it is awesome because today, I couldn’t imagine having my best friend that I work with every day, share an office with, share a home with, share two amazing crazy little boys with. I couldn’t imagine it being any other way, and it’s better than it’s ever been.

But there are still some rocky patches, some hills to climb, some valleys to go through, some rain, maybe a hurricane or two if we move to Florida. Just kidding. God bless you guys. Remember to be valuable because nothing less will do, and I am so proud to be doing this journey with you, rocks and all, hills and all, muck and mire and all. I’m glad to be on this journey with you. So thank you for joining our path and being a part of this great and amazing thing that’s happening at Northwest Enforcement, and until next week, I’ll see you. God bless.