Team Success

Team Success

Team Success

Hey team, all right. So here we are. It is Wednesday and it is Workshop Wednesday. We are excited to be with you and I want you to think about success. Individual success. Team success. There is a difference and the difference is pretty big and pretty important.

Everybody wants to be successful. I want to be successful. You want to be successful. Everybody wants success in their lives. They want to be happy, they want joy. They want to have that feeling of accomplishment in this world. It’s a good thing but to get team success versus individual success. I want to read you something that John Maxwell wrote. So that’s why I got my eyes on. I’m going to read it to you so that I don’t miss any beats on this thing.

For there to be teamwork, several things must happen. First, the team members must genuinely believe that the value of the team’s success is greater than the value of their own individual interests. Second, personal sacrifice must be encouraged and then rewarded by the team leader and by the other members of the team.”

Individualism wins trophies but teamwork wins pennants.

So what does that mean? Our individual successes might win us some trophies. It might accomplish us some things but working as a team…You can be a great ball player and win some games, maybe, because of your greatness. But the team will never ever outplay a solid team with just one or two players whether it be baseball or football or whatever it is. A good wide receiver and a good quarterback can win a few games but they will never win the Super Bowl. Not up against a team that has 13 players that are gelled together, self-sacrificing, and focused on the greater good. The same is true in basketball. The same is true in pretty much any sport.

That’s the thing at Northwest Enforcement. I want us to be a team that is focused on the greater good of all of us.

I see that happening more and more, time and time again. And from time to time, I see people trying to rise themselves up because they’re looking for that individual win. That self-sacrifice piece is tough sometimes. To take a back seat for the greater good of the team. It takes something in a person. It takes humility in a person to recognize that what the team needs is not for them to be the front-runner. What the team needs is for them to pass the ball as opposed to shoot the basket or to be the person to run the ball into the end zone or whatever metaphor you’re looking for.

I believe that Northwest enforcement is growing beyond measure because of the constant focus of many of our leaders and many of our team members today. They are focused, self-sacrificing, and looking for the greater good of our community and our team at large. For that, I am brought to just humble tears. To think about the fact that we have so many people that are striving and walking together to accomplish that goal.

Where do you fit in this puzzle? Where is your place?

Today, it might be to pass the ball. Tomorrow, it might be to catch the ball in the end zone. It just depends. Are you willing to play your part every day, every play, at every juncture? Are you willing to be that person? If you are, you’re amongst good company and we are doing great things in our community. We’re well on a path to hiring over a hundred people between now and well, a few weeks ago. Before summer starts and/or ends, I guess you could say. We are excited about this journey. I am excited that you are on this team and joined us and are focusing on the greater good.

So regardless of what today brings for you this week, this month, this year. There are going to be times when somebody is going to pass you the ball and there are going to be times that you need to pass the ball. There are going to be times that you might need to sit on the bench and there are going to be times. But together as a team we are going to celebrate every win together. We’re going to mourn every loss together and we are going to eat cake, regardless. Because that’s what we do. Most importantly. together we are going to continue to strive as a team to be valuable because we all know that nothing less will do.

Until next week, guys. God bless you and I will see you next week.