Chad Thanks Nicolas Coi

Nicolas Coi

Hey team, all right, so here we are, Thankful Thursday. We love Thankful Thursday because we get to talk about you. We get to talk about somebody on our team that is being absolutely amazing and fabulous. Today I am thankful, we are thankful very much for Nicolas Coi. Nicholas, we love you, man. You are such a great asset to our team.

Nicolas is super loyal, super dependable, super hard-working. He takes on extra shifts from time to time. I imagine his raffle tank at the bank for that trip to Vegas, or a really nice raffle prize coming up at Christmas time, is pretty stacked up there because of all the shifts and the hard work and the dedication that he puts in to making Northwest Enforcement valuable. Making the team look good, to making the community realize that what security is to them is a valuable thing. That’s what we set out a long time ago to do, is to change people’s minds about what they think security is about.

I remember back when I started in security, and the public perception of what we did and who we are was not that great. That we were not considered valuable, that we were not considered professional. We have slowly, over the years, turned that perspective around. Where people now see security as a valuable industry, and that their perspective and their understanding, especially when it comes to Northwest Enforcement, is that we are valuable. And that is in no way a small thing to do, and it is because of people like Nicolas and many of you that work here at Northwest Enforcement.

But today, we’re talking about Nicolas Coi. Because of him, our value rises. People’s perception of what we do when they run into him and when he responds to the public at the facilities that he works at, that is what makes us great. And so, Nicolas, today we are super duper thankful for you.

So, for the rest of us, we need to get back to work. We need to continue to be valuable because we know nothing less will do, just like Nicolas does every day. Thank you for inspiring us, Nicholas, and our efforts to be great at what we do. Thank you for showing us the way and leading the way in such a wonderful way that you do it.

All right, God bless the rest of you. Be valuable, nothing less will do. See you next week.