Believe Bigger Today

believe bigger today

Hey team. So John Gordon said “You will never arise above what you believe. What you believe determines what you create. Believe bigger today. I like that quote you’ll never rise above what you believe and that’s really true. You limit.

We limit ourselves by what we believe we can or cannot do.

Sometimes you need to take that leap of faith. Sometimes you need to take that jump at something that you know is hard, that might be difficult. You’re not sure if you’re going to make it but by believing in yourself, stretching your belief system, trying a little bit harder, and taking risks in some cases. You teach yourself. Coach yourself. Mentor yourself, in a way, to achieve more.

I’ve had many times in my life and many of you have heard stories. I don’t have time to go into a lot of them but I’ve had times in my life where I’ve had to and I still have times in my life where I have to believe. I have to believe in myself, I have to believe in the team, I have to believe in you.

We’re undertaking a huge monumentous situation right now. Hiring nearly a hundred people in just a few months here, in just a number of weeks. Training, coaching, and mentoring young men and women to be a part of this big-picture growth that’s happening. This opportunity that we have. On itself in this day and age with inflation and everything going on, it’s tough. It’s hard to believe but I believe in you, in the team, and in my own ability.

So today on this beautiful Workshop Wednesday stretch your own belief system.

Believe in yourself a little bit more.

Take a leap of faith because you can rise above where you’re at as long as you try. Remember to be valuable because nothing less will do and next week I will see you again. Today is the last day of the month. Five months are gone and we are marching into June

Stay tuned there’s going to be information on the team barbecue. That’s right we’re going to be doing a barbecue here real soon for this summer. It’s going to be awesome. Water balloons. My boys are already talking about the water balloon fight. They’re super excited. Get prepared. Talk to your spouse, talk to your kids. We’re gonna have ourselves a lot of fun. Good eating and lots of water balloons.

It’s gonna be nice. All right, God bless you guys. I’ll see you next week.