Chad Thanks James Abel

James Abel

Good morning team! All right, we are back for another Thankful Thursday. I am so excited to be able to announce this news. Many of you already know it’s been a little over a week or so, but Officer James Abel has been promoted to our training coordinator. He went through a battery of interviews along with some other internal and external candidates. We are super excited to bring Abel on and allow him to do something that he’s passionate about. That’s one of the things I heard from some of the interviewers. He is super duper passionate about training and shaping men and women into great security officers.

He’s been with us a couple of years. He’s got a lot of background from his time in the military. We are really very, very thankful and very fortunate to have somebody of Abel’s caliber coming onto our team, training, coaching, mentoring others. So you’re going to see more of him coming up later this summer. He’s still got to get some certifications and stuff. You’re going to see him out there on the street, still doing some work, kicking butt, taking names, doing some awesome stuff, helping you out, and leading by example. We are excited about having him in the house, training, and taking over some of the different training and stuff as his certifications come online.

So we will get him more and more certifications. He has a background in training CPR and first aid and medical type stuff. Plus everything from his time in the Army. So we’re excited about getting him that training and the unarmed training and so on. As much as we can invest in him because he has been a valued team member here for many, many, many, many years now. I mean, it’s been what, three, four years, something like that. It’s great to have him continuing to advance and seeing that.

So, James Abel, dude, you are the man of the hour for Thankful Thursday, so God bless you, congratulations on that promotion, and we look forward to seeing more great things from you. So, the rest of us, hey, let’s get back to work because being valuable, there’s nothing less it will do. I’ll see you guys, God bless.