Chad Thanks Officer Haggard

Chad thanks Officer Haggard

Hey team! Another Thankful Thursday, and here we are. We are so thankful for team members. I really don’t have any difficulty hearing about and finding somebody to be thankful for every week. I could probably do this seven days a week if I really needed to.

We could have a thankful day, just like today. We’re thankful for today. We’re thankful for. I could do that literally almost every day because I hear about or find somebody or run into somebody that I’m thankful for here on our team every single day. That goes to the credit of our team leaders and so on and so forth. Today we’re going to single out one person, and that is Officer Haggard.

Officer Haggard has come to our team here recently in the last number of months. He has been on our Patrol team; he’s moved now to day Patrol. He applied for the training position and, like last week, you found out that Abel got the position. But Haggard, it was a tough decision.

I’ve been able to be on the range with him and be in different trainings, from pepper spray to baton and firearms and different things. I’ve seen the caliber and the dedication and the hard work ethic that Officer Haggard puts in, and I’m telling you, this guy is amazing. He’s going to be a new daddy here soon. That’s also exciting, celebrate. We eat cake.

I am telling you what a wonderful young man he is and what a great young leader he is becoming here amongst our team. His selfless sacrifice and his desire to continue to advance Northwest Enforcement and the people around him and serve them. I am so excited to see Haggard grow. We’re going to be still, even though he didn’t get the position of Trainer and Coordinator here at Northwest Enforcement, excited about investing in Caleb so that he can continue to grow.

He will be going through some trainings to become a Firearms Instructor here on the coming months. He will become an Unarmed Instructor because I believe very firmly in investing in people’s passions and what they’re good at, and I can see that he’s got that capability to continue to advance and grow and lead by example our team.

So, from everything he does on patrol to everything that he does in a leadership stance here on our team, I’m excited about seeing Officer Haggard continue to just blossom and continue to grow within us. Again, congratulations on your continued advancement, not just in the company but being a new daddy. It’s going to be an exciting ride for you, I know.

So, God bless you, Caleb, for everything that you do here, and we really appreciate you. But God bless the rest of you because being valuable and there’s nothing less that will do. So let’s get out there and let’s keep doing it. I’ll see you guys next week.