Officer Highlight: Corporal Joshua Rivera

Corporal Joshua Rivera

Here at Northwest Enforcement, we pride ourselves on hiring some of the best officers out there. From time to time, we have an officer that goes above and beyond which proves even more what rockstar officers we have! This week we are honored to be highlighting Corporal Joshua Rivera. 

Cpl. Joshua Rivera has been with Northwest Enforcement just over a year, and in that time has proven himself as a dedicated member of the team.  Always willing to help the team by helping other districts when short-staffed.  His willingness to help “divide and conquer” to make sure we are providing the highest level of service to all our clients has helped the team achieve success under the most challenging of circumstances.  Cpl. Rivera’s dedication also extends to the community as evident when he stopped to assist an individual whose vehicle had stalled on the I-5 bridge.  Cpl. Rivera stopped to assist the individual move the vehicle and directed traffic to help the individual get the vehicle safely off the bridge and to a safe location.  Cpl. Rivera’s dedication to the team at Northwest Enforcement and the community we serve is apparent in all that he does with and for the team and is a testament to the value he brings to both. 

Corporal Joshua Rivera, thank you for all that you do.  Your dedication and humility are part of what makes the team at Northwest Enforcement a step above and beyond the rest.  Thank you for being a ROCKSTAR!!!