Help Yourself By Helping Someone Else

Help Yourself

Good morning, team. It is Monday – happy Monday. I have a quote for you: Booker T. Washington said, “If you want to help yourself up and out. If you want to help yourself, help someone else.” I love that quote because it reminds me of a number of things in my life. But most importantly, it reminds me of our core values: “Hold the ladder” and “Hold the light.”

Not to be jealous, help others. That is just a part of our core value – be valuable because nothing less will do. Investment, not quitting. Helping someone else is an amazing thing. In my own life, I have experienced many times over that helping someone else when I’m down.

I think everybody within earshot of my voice right now. If you’re watching this video, you’ve had a time in your life where you personally have felt that somebody was keeping you down. You had been knocked down; somebody was standing on your back, maybe they dumped a load of bricks on you, and you just feel like you can’t carry anymore. You can’t do anymore, and you’re wondering when are you going to catch that big break. When are you going to get through? When is somebody else going to help you?

And you’re thinking those things, and you’re feeling those things. Life just keeps seeming to press down on you as opposed to giving you any breath, any relief. I know when I’ve had those moments in my life, and when I have turned my attention to helping someone else, I have found myself somehow miraculously – and I think it is a miraculous thing – I found myself rising too. I found myself miraculously out of my problems and my troubles because for some reason, helping someone else brings me out. It changes my focus, it changes my heart, it changes my mind, and it gives me the ability to notice someone else that might be hurting, that might be in need, and to help towards them.

Or maybe somebody else notices me helping somebody else, and they just want to help me too. I don’t know specifically, but I do have dozens of experiences like this, and maybe you do too. So I just want to speak into all of our lives once again that as we’re looking around us this summer, find someone else to help. Notice a team member, notice somebody at work, notice a client or somebody that is there at work, and help them.

Watch yourself maybe rise along with them. Guys, it’s been a wonderful summer so far. Remember, be valuable because nothing less will do, and God bless you. I’ll see you next week.