You Are A Genius

You are a genius

“Hey team, here we are. It is Workshop Wednesday. So excited to be back with you, and I hope you’re enjoying your summer. I hope you enjoyed the fireworks last week and Independence Day. That’s awesome. So, I have a quote for you from Albert Einstein. Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing it’s stupid. I like that quote.

In a similar way, I want you to also understand I’ve also heard and read that every one of us can do at least one thing better than 10,000 other people. That’s right, you heard me correctly. You can do something better than 10,000 other people. You have it in you.

So, what I like about Einstein’s quote is, I think many of us have had people try to discourage us, tell us that we’re not capable, that we’re not able, or we’ve tried something and we’ve failed and felt discouraged by it. The beautiful thing is, if you mix persistence and continue to drive at learning and growing and consume knowledge and information and get yourself to be educated. And by educated, I’m not talking about going and taking a whole bunch of college classes; there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m just saying that education is not about just having one little bit of knowledge from a thing.

I mean, Albert Einstein himself was told that he was too stupid to learn, and so his mom raised him. The same thing happened to Thomas Edison. The same, for some of the same things, I mean some of the greatest inventors, Henry Ford, of our time, were not highly college-educated types of individuals. They were innovators. They were dreamers, and they went out and they consumed knowledge on a particular subject, and they became amazing at it.

So again, what I’m saying is that don’t let people discourage you. If people are judging you, perhaps maybe you’re just better at swimming than climbing, like that fish. Maybe you’re better at climbing than swimming because you’re more like a squirrel. What I’m talking about and what I’m trying to get through. and I’m hoping I’m connecting with you, is that ultimately you are better at something than 10,000 other people. And if you add to your persistence and your continued drive and you consume knowledge and information, you can become unstoppable.

So, for this Wednesday Workshop, I just want to remind you that you are a genius. You’re better than 10,000 other people at what you do, and whatever that is, you can do great. So keep at it. Keep working at it, keep dreaming, keep envisioning yourself to be better. Keep working at where you’re at, how do you get to where you’re going? You’d be awesome where you are, and you keep working, keep driving forward. All right, God bless you guys. You have a wonderful Wednesday, and I will see you next week. Be valuable, nothing less will do.