Chad Thanks Caid Vaughn

Caid Vaughn

Hey team. All right, so here we are. It is Thankful Thursday again, and I’ve got my two little helpers with me, Jonathan and David. David thinks he’s really cool; we got these sunglasses somehow. I bought a pair of glasses or something in the mail, and they sent me these for free. So David now thinks that he is a police officer or a secret agent. Secret Agent Man.

Anyway, we are here for Thankful Thursday, and we are here to be thankful for somebody very special to us that we are very thankful for on so many different occasions. That person is Caid Vaughn. Caid is absolutely instrumental in so many things on our logistic team. He started a number of years ago as just an officer working part-time, and now he is an administrator over the logistics. For those of you who don’t know Caid, perhaps at the barbecue this summer, you should go give him a fist bump, sit down, share a burger with him, get to know him. He’s amazing.

Anyway, David wanted to say thank you to Caid for some stuff. What do you want to say thank you for?

He was picking me up. Yeah, picking you up.

He’s really awesome, and he works a lot for my dad.

He works a lot for Daddy.

Yes, he does. What David’s saying is, where does he pick you up? What does he pick you guys up for?

He picks us up from school a lot.

Karen and I have late meetings, and we can’t pick the boys up from school. Caid is super happy about driving over and picking the boys up and dropping them off back at home. We are super thankful for his ability to transition from a lot of the hard work that he does for us to just reach out and take care of our boys. He’s so trustworthy and dependable in that way.

So, that is definitely one of those things. Caid also helps the boys with. What did you guys get for Christmas? You remember? Did you get a….?

I got a Switch. We both got Switches.

Yeah, you guys both got Nintendo switches. Guess who did all the programming of those Nintendo switches? Caid did them all. Yep, Caid does a lot of stuff in the electronics field and stuff with Greg, Jimmy, and helping out. Well, Jimmy’s not doing electronics, but Jimmy is cool too. You’re talking about James. James who writes all of our software. That’s right.

There are so many, I can’t keep track.

Yeah, we have so many great people it’s hard to keep track but today is Caid’s day. The boys wanted to say thank you for all the things that you do, and they love spending time with you. So thank you so much. We appreciate you.

And team, if you don’t know Caid you really should get to know him. Not just because he can help you with your electronics, but because he’s really cool and a lot of fun to be around.

He’s super humble, super invested; he’s an amazing young man, and it has been a joy having him around for this many years.

And he can also do the Rubik’s Cube in five seconds. Yeah, he’s a killer at Rubik’s Cubes. If you ever walk into his office, he’s got like 20 of them. Yeah, I messed it up; he doesn’t get back together. His brain just works that way, and it’s amazing. The only way I can do a Rubik’s Cube is if I peel off all the stickers and put them back on. Some of you are sitting out there going, “Well, that’s cheating, Chad,” and the rest of you that are out there going, “Me too, Chad, me too.”

All right, God bless you, Caid. We love you, man. Thank you. Okay, bye-bye.