Chad Thanks Greg Jay


Hey, good morning team. So, we’re back here again, and I’ve got my two little helpers, Jonathan and David. Today is Thankful Thursday, and we are so thankful for so many things in this world, for this life, and for our team. But today, we want to have a special thank you for somebody who’s very special to all of us. Even these two little guys feel very special about Greg.

Greg is our Director of Logistics, and Greg has been with us for like 15 years. He has been very instrumental. Yeah, he’s been here a long time. See, the boys think he’s been around their whole lives; they think he’s been here forever. To some degree, that feels a little bit true because we really do appreciate Greg for all he does. So, they wanted to say a couple of things about how thankful they are for Greg. So, go ahead, JT, what do you think?

“He’s helped me with, like, I don’t know, about five things. And he helped me get a new case for my phone. He assisted David in getting a new case for his phone and setting up his iPad. Yeah, he set up our phones, what, our iPads, Dad’s iPad, yeah, his iPad.”

Greg and his team are instrumental in helping us with a lot of our purchases and electronics and things. Everybody knows we joke about the fact that Greg spends a lot more than he makes because he buys all of our stuff. We joke around about that an awful lot, but he’s worth it. He saves us so much money because he’s always looking for great deals, and he’s such a great helper in those ways.

So, on this Thankful Thursday, we are just super thankful for you, Greg. We want to honor you and just say thank you so much. The boys here absolutely love you. Every time I can’t figure out something on the TV or on the computer or on the phone or the iPad, they immediately say, ‘Let’s call Greg because Greg knows,’ and most of the time, that’s really true. We are so thankful that we have you here.

So, guys, let’s give a shoutout to Greg. Say thank you to Greg, and if you’ve seen, he’s not a huge hugger, but you might give him a big fist bump and tell him hi and remind him how thankful you are for all the things he’s done because, behind the scenes, there are so many things that he has done for team members. I think that, as I’m saying this, a number of our team are saying, ‘Yeah, he’s helped me buy this,’ or ‘He’s helped me research that,’ or ‘He’s helped me do this,’ and that’s really true. So, on this Thankful Thursday, God bless you. Have a wonderful rest of your week, and we’ll see you next week. God bless. Thank you.