Little Bit of Good

Little Bit of Good

Good morning team! It is Workshop Wednesday, and today I have a quote for you from Desmond Tutu. So, do your little bit of good where you are. It’s that little bit of good put together that overwhelmed the world. I like that quote because it’s not about one event. It’s not about one act of generosity or kindness or love that does something amazing.

It’s the consistent little bits of good that add up over time and make a major change in society and in this world.

The little things that we do every day on a consistent basis, and I’ve seen that happen out of a generous heart and out of care for team members here. I’ve seen officers that will come in before training or something, and they’ll literally just start walking around. They may take out the trash or clean the bathroom up a bit if they notice it’s dirty in the afternoon. I have seen team members do dishes. They don’t even work in this office every day. They come in, and they’ve got a little bit of time to spare, and they do a little bit of good. It makes the whole team feel better. It’s those little bits of good that we do every day.

So when you’re at your client’s property, think about what’s the little bit of good I can do today. You might be surprised that just a smile, because they happen to be contagious, might change the life of somebody else walking in the door, who might be having an off day. We’ve all had them. It might be you noticing something, or again, maybe just taking out the trash or wiping down the desk, cleaning something up so that your relief or another person notices that you’re taking care of them in a very small way. But it means something very big to them personally.

As we go into the rest of this week, as Desmond Tutu said, just keep doing the little things. They add up, and they can overwhelm the world. All right, God bless you. I’ll see you next week.