Officer Highlight: Officer John Aragon

Officer John Aragon

Here at Northwest Enforcement, we pride ourselves on hiring some of the best officers out there. From time to time, we have an officer that goes above and beyond, which proves even more what rockstar officers we have! This week we are honored to be highlighting Officer John Aragon.

Since joining the team, Ofc. Aragon’s time with Northwest Enforcement has been continually marked by his investment in his work and his team. From his consistent attendance and exceptional job performance to his willingness to go above and beyond, Ofc. Aragon’s commitment to excellence is both inspiring and impactful. He always leads by example, moving seamlessly between sites to provide crucial support to his team members, showcasing his devotion to the success of the entire team. Ofc. Aragon’s embodiment of our core value of investment sets the standard for excellence at Northwest Enforcement, making him a true asset.

Officer John Aragon, thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to the team.  Your resolve and dedication to the team and the communities we serve are noticed and greatly appreciated.  Your commitment is part of what makes Northwest Enforcement the great team that it is.  YOU ROCK!!!!!