Chad Thanks Karen Withrow


Hey, good morning team. Here we are, it is Thank You Thursday, and I’ve got a couple of guest stars here with me to say thank you to somebody very important to us. Yep, that’s on our team, and that would be Karen Withrow, our president and our mommy. Karen, we love you so much, and the boys just wanted to share why they are so thankful to have you around and be so grateful for you.

So, David, you want to start? What are you thankful for, Mommy?

You forgot? Does Mommy like to give you kisses and hugs? Does Mommy like to take you to restaurants? That’s right. I don’t know why you’re so shy. Yeah, we joke around that Daddy cooks about 200 and some meals a year, and Mommy cooks the rest by taking us out to dinner. Mommy loves to go out to eat, so restaurants are one of her favorites, and that’s how she shows her extra special love to the family.

And the boys, JT, how about you? What are you thankful for?

She loves teaching me and playing with me, like new card games and stuff through board games. Yeah, lots of cool card games. Yeah, he learned a new solitaire game not too long ago. I remember. Anything else? I don’t think so.

Who sits and listens to you every night in bed when you’re talking about all the innovative stuff that you’re coming up with, like buildings and flying cars and flying houses and motorhomes that can float and all kinds of crazy stuff that is building up in your brain? Mommy sits and listens to it and loves every bit of it. So we are super thankful.

And Karen, I am super thankful that you gave us these two boys, that you’re such a great mommy and such a homemaker. Just all the amazing things that you do, even the laundry and all the different things. I know it’s an effort that we both put in, but you make it better.

At work, Karen is the person that grounds us. I’m the visionary, I’m the person that’s always flying around, not grounded and off on tangents, thinking and flying high. Karen’s the thing that keeps me tethered to the ground and focused. To move at a pace that the rest of the team can keep up with, and for that, I am super grateful because it would be very lonely if I was just flying out into outer space all by myself with all my visions. I probably accomplish very little because very few people can keep up with my passion, my focus, and my determination, and I move so often, so quickly, too fast.

So we are super thankful for Mommy. Thank you very much for being there for us, and happy birthday, Mommy. We appreciate you, Karen, so much more than you’ll ever know.

So on this Thank You Thursday, guys, remember to be valuable because nothing less will do, and take one out of Karen’s playbook. Stay grounded, stay focused, continue to be persistent, be consistent with the things you do. Regardless of how slow you are, just like the tortoise and the hare, the tortoise still wins the race every single time, doesn’t it? That’s right, and the rabbit takes a nap. That’s right, and the rabbit gets off thinking that he’s all that in a bag of Doritos, and he takes a nap and doesn’t make it to the end, does he? And that’s why we love Karen so much. Regardless of how slow sometimes she is, she is consistent and persistent with the tasks at hand. She gets the job done, and she finishes the race.

So thank you, and the rest of you, let’s get out there and be valuable because nothing less will do. God bless you guys. We love you.