Chad Thanks Rebecca & Gabe Klinger

Becca & Gabe

Hey team! All right, so here we are and it is Thankful Thursday. What are we thankful for? Well, we’re thankful for team members who are putting out excellent, dedicated, hard work. I can’t tell you how appreciative I am of so many different people.

This week we’re thankful for a couple of people that many of you may have never met. A few of you got to touch base with one of these individuals. Yeah, we have two today. They’re brother and sister. They happen to be our finance director’s children, both Rebecca and Gabe Klinger. Now, Rebecca and Gabe are fabulous kids. They both are still in high school and they came in for an internship, to kind of help out.

Gabe came and he helped over in logistics. He helped here in the office a little bit and he helped Cade do some work. It was instrumental in helping get some other tasks done in a much quicker fashion. He also almost burned up our shredder by just shredding paperwork so we could keep sensitive material from possibly getting out to other people. So, he burned through a ton of paper by shredding it all. He had to stop and let the shredder cool down a number of times.

Rebecca helped in our HR department. She helped call in candidates. Setting candidates up for success for an interview with Margaret and Jacob. She did a fabulous job. As a matter of fact, there were a couple of times I sat in on interviews. I had a couple of people say, “You know the young lady on the phone she was so kind, she was so polite, she offered me a soda when I got here.” Those kinds of things. It’s that kind of stuff that they learned but they also brought immense value to our team.

So today, Rebecca, Gabe, it’s your day. I just wanted to say thank you. As you’re getting ready and you’re rolling back into school and you’re trying to figure out what to spend all that money you made this summer on and for the time that you put in here just know that you’re well worth every dollar you made. We want to say thank you for all of your dedication, your value, your hard work, and for being so helpful in this summer season. You could have easily just sat around and vegged on the couch. Instead, you grew and you did something that I think is going to help carry you on into your future too.

Team, give a big round of applause for both Gabe and Rebecca for all their hard work and their dedication to our team. They were instrumental in assisting us both in HR and over in logistics.

God bless you guys and be valuable because nothing less will do. I’ll see you next week.