Thank you for Communicating!

Communication Thank You

Hey team. Alright, so here we are. It is Monday Message, and I wanted to talk to you. And really, what I want to say is thank you. Recently, we received word from Sonja that we sent out a message and some communication to y’all about the importance of and the need for, with all of our growth, that we respond via email instead of trying to call Jimmy, Sonja, Doyle, or whoever, and having concerns or asking for information or trying to call in and talk on the phone. Getting our communication streamlined in a way that we could be more responsive in a quicker fashion to more people.

And you guys responded awesomely. So we’ve seen a huge decrease in calls. We’ve seen a huge increase in emails being sent. Well-written emails documenting the concern or the issue or the request. Our team leaders are able to very quickly respond to those, answer those questions, answer those concerns, respond to those requests in a much quicker fashion, and get more of them done in a more timely manner so that everybody on the team feels served, valued, and important.

Being valued because nothing less will do is important, and we want you to feel valued here.

Also, we have a much smaller group of leaders than we do have a large group of amazing team members, and you are one of those. So again, I just really wanted to say thank you on this beautiful Monday. I just wanted to say thank you.

It’s hard to believe that we are already coming into, it’ll be October soon. Halloween’s just around the corner. Get ready. Sonja loves Halloween; she’s excited about it. If you’ve never been in her office, she loves Halloween. But we are so appreciative of you guys for responding in such a great way. And I hope that you’re feeling that we value you. I hope you’re feeling that we’re responding and that we’re getting to your needs and your concerns in as timely a manner as we possibly can with what we have.

So again, I just want to say thank you. Keep doing that, and we will do everything we can to respond to your concerns, your requests, and deal with whatever you need so that you feel that Northwest Enforcement values you as a great team member who’s doing great value here for our clients and our community.

So on this Monday, God bless you and thank you. Thank you for being valuable. Thank you for doing the hard work that we do every day. We don’t get to say people don’t say thank you out there on the street nearly as much as they used to. People get really upset, and so let me tell you, thank you again for your hard work, your dedication, your motivation to do great things for your community.

Alright, see you next week.