Be Kind Today

Be kind today

Hey, all right. So, good morning team. Today’s quote comes to you; I found it on Facebook. I don’t know how many of you guys know who TobyMac is; he’s a singer-songwriter. Anyway, he posted a quote and it says “A lot of people just need someone to be kind to them today.” That got me thinking. That’s true; kindness is an amazing thing, generosity.

A kind word can calm a person down.

I’ve seen it when using Verbal Judo. You can get somebody who is really upset, they’re really mad. They’re maybe dealing with something that’s really hard, they’re fearful, they have anxiety wrapped around. They are worried about something major and can lash out at the security guard. They can become upset. Sometimes your children, sometimes your spouse.

I remember a number of years ago when Jonathan, who’s almost 10, can you believe it, was laying in bed and he was all upset and he was all mad. And I told him, “You know Daddy loves you,” and he said, “No, no.” I said, “You can be mad, you can be upset, but what you can’t do, you can’t keep me from loving you. Daddy loves you so much,” and his entire body just melted in my arms. He went from being really angry to just calming down immediately just because of the kind words of me saying I love you, and you can’t keep me from doing it.

I’ve seen where a kind word can turn away wrath. Where a compliment can make somebody’s day, where somebody writing a sticky note. I have had team members when I’m having a really tough time say something kind to me or bring a note to me and say, “Chad, we appreciate you, thank you,” things like that.

And today, as you’re going through whatever you’re going through, remember other people are going through stuff too.

Sometimes, the person standing upset in front of you in the lobby, or the person at Starbucks (if you go to Starbucks, shame on you, just kidding, just kidding, just kidding), but the person in line in front of you might be having a really tough day, and a nice compliment might be just the thing they need to hear.

I’ve seen young women when not necessarily a guy like myself, but when another woman says, “Oh, I love your nails,” or “Your hair looks beautiful,” or “That is such a pretty blouse,” when I’ve seen Karen do that to sometimes team members that we have. Or I’ve seen Karen do that at a store or say something like that, I’ve seen Karen’s life light up. She’s been having really bad moments sometimes. I’ve seen some of you are like, “Karen, a bad moment, really? I don’t believe it.” She has had them too.

She’ll be in a store, and somebody will comment on her nails or her blouse or something like that, and she stands up. That little lady almost becomes six foot tall just like that because somebody gave her a compliment about something. I’ve seen the countenance even in Karen change when somebody is kind to her and says something very complimentary about, again, just her nails. If you’ve never seen my wife’s claws, you’d kind of understand. It’s not always about being painted. It’s just about the fact that she has very thick, amazing nails that are natural. She doesn’t have any of that press-on stuff; she’s just got amazing genes and great claws.

I’ve experienced the negative side of having a wife with claws, but anyway, that’s for another day. This is a happy day. Anyway, as you go through your day, as you go through your week, as you go through the rest of this year and this month, remember that a lot of people just need someone to be kind to them today. All right, God bless you guys; you have a wonderful Wednesday. I will talk to you next week.