Work on Me

Work on Me

Hey guys, happy Wednesday. Wednesday Workshop. So here we are. Today’s quote: “I will continue to work on me because there are times I am the problem. I will continue to work on me because sometimes I am the problem.” Not a lot of us, not always, can we admit that. Sometimes we do. And some of you know the story. I’ve told this many times, especially in leadership class. I’ve written about it, documented it. There came a time in my life about seven, eight years ago that I was really angry, I was really frustrated, things weren’t going well at the company, things weren’t going well at home. I was down, and honestly, I was pissed off.

Through a course of events and situations, I came to the realization that my biggest problem was staring me in the mirror every day when I brush my teeth. Therefore, I began to work on me. I’m happy to say that I think those that have been around me in the last eight to ten years, and I’ve heard it from Karen and team members, that I am a different person. I deal with things a little bit differently. I’ve changed in a lot of small ways and even in some bigger ways. I handle myself in a different way. I’m more compassionate, more caring, more respectful. I’ve done things differently, and this is not like a me fest where I’m just saying these are things that have been said to me.

But I need you to understand that I’m still a work in progress.

I’m still not the man I hope to be. I’m definitely not the man I should be. But as John Newton said, I’m also not the man that I used to be. So, I can celebrate change in my life for the better and say that I have worked on me. But I can remind myself while I’m brushing my teeth in the mirror that I am sometimes still the problem. So, therefore, I will continue to work on me.

I’m hoping that this message lands on you the same way eight or nine years ago this basically the same message kept hitting me in the gut, that I’m the problem. So, work on you. I’m the problem, so work on me. Work on you. If you focus on working on you, sometimes the other problems, other things, situations in your life, you’ll find work themselves out because of your focus to be internalized on you and getting you right. Get you right before you try to right the world right.

Get you right before you try to right the world.

Focus on the speck of dust in your own eye before you try to work on somebody else’s dust. Actually, I think it’s the plank in your eye you’re commenting on somebody else’s dust if I remember correctly. This is a Bible verse, I think I got it backwards. But the point is, you’re sitting there pointing out the speck of dust in somebody else’s eye, and you got a plank in your own eye. Work on you, fix your issue, and you might just see that other people’s issues also get worked out, and you have a different perspective, and life moves along a lot better. I know it’s worked for me, and I will continue to work on me. Please do the same. Let’s work together on ourselves, and we’ll see the world become a better place.

Alright, God bless you guys, be valuable, nothing less will do. I’ll see you next week.