The Best Revenge is None

The Best Revenge is None

Hey team, all right, here we are, Wednesday Workshop. Today’s quote: “The best revenge is none. Heal, move on, and don’t become like those who hurt you.”

Heal, move on, and don’t become like those that hurt you. The best revenge is none, nada. Don’t do it, don’t be revengeful, don’t try to get back. This goes with things I’ve said in the past even. I think everybody here knows.

Revenge eats away at you more than it does any good in any other way.

Trying to get back at somebody, get somebody for what they deserve. It’s not our call, it just really isn’t. I know that being hurt by somebody and know what that feels like. I may not experience it the same way you have. And I would never want to put myself in a place where I say, I get what you’re feeling because I don’t get what you’re feeling. But I do know what I have felt when somebody has wronged me.

But getting revenge, or trying to get revenge, or dreaming about revenge, and bitterness just dwells inside of me. Anger builds up, and then I become somebody I don’t like. I become somebody that isn’t helpful to others. I become somebody that my family kind of sometimes will even despise being around. I’m not as kind to my children or my family, my wife.

So I have come to realize that I need more and more to tell myself even this constant message of don’t be revengeful, don’t look for revenge, don’t try to get somebody back. I tell people sometimes, the Bible says that the Lord will pay back evil for evil. He decides and things like that. I joke around, but there’s a hint of me that kind of believes or has felt this way, is that I want to be the hammer of vengeance, so use me. Or I want to be the tip of the spear that is used to pierce that darkness.

That’s just not a really good way of living life, hoping to be the person, the instrument of revenge.

Instead, be the instrument of hope and love and caring towards others. Even those that maybe have hurt you because maybe they need a kind word, maybe they need help, maybe they’re hurt and they’re lashing out in their own bitterness and their own hurt. And who knows, maybe kindness might win over more than revenge ever will. And I know that’s not easy. It’s hard, it’s really hard, and I get that. So I believe that somebody that’s listening to this today understands what I’m saying and they’re saying, “Chad, I need this, but it’s still so hard.” I get it.

So my prayer for you today is that you can step away and heal. Remember that, heal. Work on healing. Getting back at somebody, or seeing somebody else that hurt you, see their life destroyed, doesn’t make you feel better, really. And if it does, it’s for a fleeting moment, and it’s not going to bring healing to your life long term. So heal and move on, and don’t become like those that hurt you. Don’t do back to somebody else down the road because you were hurt. Somebody hurt you, don’t go out into the next relationship and try to stay above them because that’s not going to help you either.

All right, so on this beautiful day, God bless you, and remember, be valuable, nothing less. I’ll see you next week.