Facing Hardship? Don’t Quit.

Facing Hardship? Don't Quit.

Hey team, so here we are again. It’s another Monday Message, and CS Lewis said, “Hardship often prepares an ordinary person for an extraordinary destiny.” Hardship—I agree with that. As long as you can handle and have the resolve to persevere through the pressure, the pain, and the tough stuff in life, then you have an extraordinary destiny ahead of you. Because you are going to continue to not quit, you’re going to continue to drive forward, you’re going to continue to move on.

I don’t know about how you’re feeling. We’ve been marching through this year. We went through COVID, we’ve had some pretty tough stuff. While some of us may feel invincible and super ordinary, and super extraordinary and not ordinary, we are ordinary people. And I’ve come to realize in my old age that I am more ordinary than maybe I even want to let on to be. But I have persevered, I have not quit, I have continued to drive forward.

I have moments, I have days, I have hours that I feel like just giving in, throwing in the towel, calling it quits. I’ve had those moments, and instead, I usually stand up, dust off, throw a little water on my face, and keep at it. And that is what sets the extraordinary from the ordinary apart. It’s that perseverance, it is the not quitting mentality.

So, as you go through the rest of this week and move on into the new year, remember the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is the resolve to not quit and continue to move forward.

God bless you, have a wonderful week. I can’t wait to talk to you again next week, and keep being valuable because you know, nothing less will do. See you next week.