The Future Depends on You

The Future Depends on You

Hey team. All right, so December is upon us. Here we are. It is already December. We’re just only literally a few days away. Just a couple more days. I mean, this Saturday, we’re gonna have a great party. Next Wednesday, we have another great party up at the Grange with our Longview team. I’m so excited to be with you guys. My boys already got their stuff packed. They’re super excited.

So, let’s dive into Wednesday. Wednesday’s about working on us. Workshop Wednesday. Mahatma Gandhi, he said, “The future depends on what you do today.” Your future depends on what you do today. And I know I’ve kind of talked on this kind of subject time and time again, but it’s kind of really true when you think about it. The future does depend on what you do today.

You are building a better you. What you’re doing, what you’re working on, what your goals are to accomplish right now. Yep, that’s about working on you. You are building a better you because you’re focusing on the things that matter. Or you’re not. You can also not be building a better you by sitting around depressed or sitting around thinking about how somebody else has it better than you. You’re thinking about somebody else’s goals, somebody else’s mission, somebody else’s benefits, and you’re not thinking about how you can better yourself. You’re not putting any intentionality to right this time of year.

We always have our holidays and stuff, and we get right up into January, and everybody sets New Year’s resolutions. And probably 80-90% of us that have set those resolutions don’t ever accomplish them because we’re not making goals to get towards whatever that is. And I talk about it an awful lot because it’s the only way towards success is you got to better yourself. But it depends on what you do today and what goals you set for tomorrow. And when you get to tomorrow, that you work on those goals, that you’re taking bite-sized chunks out of that proverbial elephant that sits in front of you because that’s the only way that you can make progress.

So what are you doing today? What are you working on that’s making the future you better? Think about it. What are you doing today? Look around you. What are you accomplishing today? And sometimes it’s just doing the job today, right? Being worthy, being excellent at what you do today is setting the discipline for being excellent also tomorrow in your future self.

So think about that as you’re moving forward the rest of this week, as you’re marching towards a white elephant gift and some great food this Saturday. Think about what can I do and what am I doing right now that’s preparing me for the future self? What goals am I setting? What can I do to get to the next level? And what am I doing right now for the team? What am I doing for my spouse, what am I doing for my children? What am I doing for my family, what am I doing to make a better future?

Because your future is depicted by what you do every day, and what you’re working on now is honing, shaping, and preparing you for a better future, or it’s postponing that better future and you’re just living, you’re just making it, just getting by. And I don’t know about you, some days I get it, I have those days, I’m just getting by. I get to the end of the day and I say I made it through another day, I made it through another week, I’ve had those moments. But when I turn myself around and I start putting intentionality to putting goals to putting effort to those things, all of a sudden great things happen, and I am getting to a better place because I’m moving forward.

So here we are, Wednesday is almost done. God bless you guys. I can’t wait to see you at one of the two parties that we got coming up in the next two weeks here. And I cannot wait to do the white elephant gift with you and your family and stuff and watch all your faces. It is going to be an epic time. It’s going to be a lot of fun, so don’t miss it. And may the Lord bless you in this holiday season, and I will see you next week. Remember, be valuable because nothing less will do.