2024 Taco Party : Part 3

2024 Taco Party

Hey team! All right, here we are. It is Tuesday, and in just about five days, on the sixth of the month—next Monday—we are going to hold another Cinco de Mayo. Now, it’s not the fifth; we’re doing it on the sixth, so please don’t get that confused. Don’t show up on Sunday, and please don’t not show up on Monday.

We are going to have an awesome taco party! You can tell by the Taco Bot 3000 behind me. It’s raining tacos, and it’s pretty awesome. We’re going to have tacos, burritos, enchiladas—who knows what else! I know that I’m making a whole bunch of shredded chicken with bacon in it, so you’re going to be pretty surprised. It’s pretty yummy; just ask Jimmy—he still talks about last year. I’m going to do some beef taco stuff, and who knows what else. I get really inspired sometimes. I might do some shrimp fajitas—who knows!

So, you want to be there. It is going to be from about 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. Show up at the office. I believe I’ve said it every other time, now I’m forgetting, but between 4:00 and 4:30. Just be there! We’re going to have a pinata. We’re going to bust that thing open—candy everywhere! Who knows what other kind of prizes might be inside? It’s always a lot of fun to hit the pinata. I think some of you envision it as me, and so you’re just swinging away. I get it—that’s okay.

We’re gonna have an awesome time, so remember: next Monday—tacos, burritos, chili rellenos, fajitas, carne asada. It’s going to be some really good stuff, and it’s at the Sandy office. If you’re on patrol that night, stop by anyway. Show up just before patrol—an hour or so—hang out with everybody, give them a hug, eat some tacos, and enjoy your time with us.

And how many of you guys are just loving this little Taco Bot 3000? You gotta check that out. Go to YouTube: ‘Taco Bot’—listen to the little song; it’ll get stuck in your head. You’ll be out on patrol singing ‘Taco Bot 3000,’ or you can go ‘It’s Raining Tacos’—type that in and there’s another video about raining tacos, which is also very funny. They have another one called ‘Raining Cheetos.’

Anyway, I will talk to you guys soon, and I will see you next week. All right, bye! See you!