How NEI Safeguards Construction Sites: A Closer Look at Our Proactive Security Services

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In the construction industry, unforeseen incidents can result in significant financial losses, project delays, and safety hazards. Prevention is the key to eliminating tens of thousands of dollars of lost production and materials caused by construction site theft and vandalism. At NEI, we understand these risks and provide specialized security services to ensure your job site remains secure.

Our dedicated vehicle patrols, on-site security officers, and fire watch services are designed to meet the unique needs of construction sites, ensuring compliance with insurance requirements and offering peace of mind. All NEI officers receive advanced training to prepare them for investigating suspicious activity, securing access to your site, and documentation and delivery of on-site activity logs. Our proprietary SRT software allows you 24/7 access to your client dashboard, giving you peace of mind that your site is secure.

Over the past 20+ years, our attentive service has helped mitigate numerous costly accidents for our clients. Here are a few examples:

Case Study #1: The Wine Spill Incident

The Situation: During a routine patrol at a construction site lounge, one of our officers discovered a spilled bottle of wine. Recognizing the potential damage, especially since the spill was on a special floor material prone to staining, our officer took immediate action.

Our Response: The officer cleaned the spill as thoroughly as possible to prevent the stain from setting. This quick thinking not only protected the integrity of the floor but also avoided a replacement cost estimated at over $50,000.

The Outcome: This incident highlights our proactive mindset and our commitment to act as an extension of our clients’ teams. By addressing the issue promptly, we saved our client from substantial financial loss and demonstrated the value of having vigilant, dedicated security personnel on-site.

Case Study #2: The Leaky Pipe Discovery

The Situation: During a routine patrol, one of our officers detected a dripping sound coming from behind an unfinished wall in a new construction building. Suspecting a leak, the officer documented the issue in a detailed report.

Our Response: The next day, the client reviewed the report and promptly contacted us to express their gratitude. Our officer’s vigilance allowed them to address the leak before completing the wall, avoiding a potentially costly insurance claim.

The Outcome: By identifying and reporting the leak early, we saved the client thousands of dollars in potential damages and repair costs. This case underscores the importance of thorough site inspections and detailed reporting in preventing costly incidents.

How We Do Construction Site Security Differently

No matter where we’re working, our services are thorough and all-encompassing. We recognize the importance of communication because the more we know about your worksite, the better we can assist you and your team.

To keep the officer assigned to your site well-informed, we’ll be asking questions like these:

  • Do you have employees working late with lockups needed after they leave?
  • Will anyone ever work overnight? How can we ensure they’re authorized to be on-site?
  • Will there be any deliveries during the officer’s shift? What instructions or contact will we receive to handle these correctly?
  • Are there high-value materials, such as copper, stored at your worksite?
  • Will you have a tower crane or other high-value equipment that you’re especially concerned about?
  • When will the fire system be installed?
Construction Security Guard Services in OR & WA | NW Enforcement

“Just wanted to congratulate you all on a job well done…your crews all supported a successful and complaint-free dismantle process for this tower crane. Thanks for all the hard work and long hours making the dismantle process a success. We are very blessed to have your services.”

Phil Hoffman

At Northwest Enforcement, we pride ourselves on our proactive approach to construction site security. Our dedicated officers not only prevent theft and vandalism but also identify and address potential issues before they escalate, saving our clients time and money. Whether you need on-site guards, vehicle patrols, or fire watch services, we are here to support your construction project every step of the way.

Contact us today to learn more about our tailored security solutions and how we can help you achieve a secure and efficient job site.