Safety & Security Tips: Summer Safety Tips

Summer 2024

At Northwest Enforcement, ensuring your safety and security is our top priority. As we embrace the longer days and warmer temperatures of summer, it’s essential to consider seasonal safety and security measures. Our expert tips will help you embrace the season with confidence, knowing that your properties are well-protected.

1. Keep Windows, Doors and Outdoor Spaces Secure

As summer approaches, we often spend more time with our windows open. Ensure windows and doors are securely locked after use. Don’t forget to secure basement and attic windows, which can be easy targets for burglars. Open windows also pose a significant risk to child safety. Remember to secure your garage and outdoor spaces as well. This is an optimal time to test security systems, alarms, and cameras as additional security measures.

2. Ensure Swimming Pool Safety

If you do not already, consider installing a secure fence around your pool area to prevent unauthorized access. Post safety guidelines in easy-to-view locations and provide lighting if your pool area is open after dark. Ensure pool chemicals are kept in a locked storage location.

3. Plan for Barbecuing and Grilling

Keep grills and outdoor cooking areas away from structures and any overhanging branches. Ensure grills are clean before use. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby and accessible in case of emergencies. Properly extinguish flames after cooking.

4. Review Patio & Deck Structures

Inspect outdoor patios and decks for structural damage or wear and tear. Ensure all railings are secure and in good condition. Consider power-washing outdoor spaces to remove built-up dirt.

5. Stay Mindful of Summer Sun & Heat

Summer sun and rising temperatures can lead to sunburns and heat exhaustion. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, especially when outdoors. Protect your skin with high SPF sunscreen and wear UPF-rated protective clothing. Know the signs of heat-related illness and monitor yourself and others when spending time outdoors.

6. Prepare for Potential Wildfires

Maintain defensible space around your property by clearing any dry brush, fallen branches, and debris. Stay informed about wildfire risks in your local area and have an evacuation plan in place for your tenants and/or employees. Review our Spring Safety & Security Tips blog for more tips on outdoor space preparations for unpredictable weather.

7. Be Mindful of Security When Away on Summer Vacations

Lock all doors, windows, and outdoor spaces before leaving for extended periods of time. Consider using smart technology or security services to monitor your property remotely. Avoid announcing travel plans on social media.

8. Security for Summer Events

If hosting outdoor events this summer, make sure your property is secure and well-monitored. Encourage guests to park in designated areas and lock their vehicles. Consider bringing in additional security for large-scale events.

As summer approaches, take this time to assess the safety and security of your properties and residents. For tailored safety solutions, count on Northwest Enforcement as your trusted partner. Whether it’s overseeing security systems, providing patrol services, or addressing specific security requirements, we are dedicated to providing superior service in an ever-changing environment.