Today I Will

Today I Will

All right, so here we are. It’s another Wednesday Workshop. I got a quote a friend of mine sent to me. It says: “Today I will—one, attack this day with enthusiasm; two, stay positive; three, be thankful; four, learn, improve, and grow; and five, be a blessing to others.”

I like that. I don’t know about you, but I think those are worthy things to rise up to and think about as you start your day. Attack the day with enthusiasm.

If you wake up negative and thinking, “Oh man, I gotta go to work today,” it’s going to affect your day. If you wake up in the morning and you say, “All right, what is today going to be?” If you wake up and have a positive attitude if you’re thankful for the things that you have.

See, I’m thankful. Most everybody at Northwest Enforcement knows that the vice president had cancer in the midst of COVID in 2020 and going through 2021 and 2022. I had two surgeries, I went through cancer treatments. I had a torn meniscus. And I had surgery. I had a hernia and I had surgery. I got shingles twice. The only thing I never got was COVID. That’s kind of funny in a roundabout way, but I spent a minute dealing with some pretty tough stuff and personal stuff in my life. For me, I’m thankful. I’m thankful every morning I wake up and I see the sun shining. I’m thankful that I get to watch the sunset in the afternoons. So, I’m thankful.

Learn, improve, and grow.

I attack every day, I read something. I read a few verses. Maybe in scripture. I might read three to five or ten pages in a book. Then I stop, reflect, think, and process. By doing that, I learn, I grow and I improve. I get better at that subject, whatever it is I’m thinking about, talking about, feeling, and moving forward. It’s helping me. It helps me over time process in a different way and be grateful for the things I do have.

And then I just look to be a blessing to others. I really do want to be a blessing to you. One of the reasons I do Monday and Wednesday is to inspire you and to lift you up. Not just to work harder or do more or anything like that, but I want you to believe that there’s more to your life than just a 9-to-5. For some of you, it might be 6:30 to 6:30, night or day, whichever it is. You’re working 12, I get it. I want you to have more. And I want you to believe that there’s more for you in your life, your marriage, and your relationships with your children and your family. I want you to believe that there’s more for you.

So, I want to be that for you. I want you to learn, improve, and grow. And I want you to be a blessing to others, to your community, and to the people around you that you work with and that you live with. I want you to be thankful, and I want you to stay positive. So, attack the day with enthusiasm. Be awesome. You can do this.

All right, have a wonderful Wednesday, guys. I’ll see you next week.