You Are Valuable

You Are Valuable

What a beautiful day it is. So glad to be here with you, and I wanted to talk a little bit on this Monday. One of our core values, well, core purpose, is to be valuable because nothing less will do. I wanted to share with you some stats. Some of you who like math might enjoy this. Throughout our company, we talk about the importance of being valuable. We talk about report writing. And the importance of giving value to the client. Writing quality reports and so on and so forth.

As a matter of fact, one of your key responsible areas (KRA). One of the key responsible things that you have to do every day, on every shift, is to look for ways to be valuable and write a good report. For on-sites, we say that you need to write at least two every week. If you’re stuck on a post, you should be looking for something. Paying attention to your surroundings, and writing a report at least two a week.

For those patrol officers, it should be about two every shift. Most of our patrol officers work three, so they should be working and writing about six reports every week. They’re going to 15-20 properties; there’s lots of stuff at lots of different properties you can find. Again, those are the minimums. Our minimum number for our entire company as of right now is about 268 reports a week. 268 reports are being written for our clients every week.

In the last 13 weeks, we on average write a little over 400 and some reports. We almost double every single week, and on some weeks we have more than doubled those reports. Guys, I’m telling you, that is amazing because that’s value. When we write a good quality report, it’s constantly going before the decision-makers on a consistent basis. If you think about it week in, week out, over the year. When it’s time to ask them for a raise so that you can get a raise. They have no reason to say no when things are going great.

Even if you’re finding problems. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small water leak that could cause somebody to fall down. Or a burned-out light socket, or a burned-out light bulb in a dark area. These kinds of things—small things like graffiti on the back loading dock, asking a transient to move along so that they don’t have problems on the property—showing that kind of value is an amazing thing.

A huge round of applause to all of you, every single one of you, showing that value week in, week out, consistently, where we are doubling the number of patrols. One person in just this last week or so really stands out, and I want to draw your attention to it because it truly is amazing to me.

That is Lieutenant Miller. Lieutenant Miller worked a patrol shift—I think it was May 2nd, 3rd, and 4th—worked three days, worked a patrol shift, and that means he should have written at least six reports. But Lieutenant Miller wrote 56 reports—50 reports more than the minimum. He went above and beyond in spades, and his work ethic and his desire, not to mention being a leader. He showed that when he is doing the job of those he serves and works with, he is capable of doing the job to its absolute excellent degree. That is praiseworthy. I applaud you, Lieutenant Miller.

You might be looking at the background. If you see all the palm trees and everything, there’s a theme to this whole story. That’s California Pizza Kitchen. Well, let’s see if I can get it in there. If I get it to show up in the view—oh, there, okay. California Pizza Kitchen. Got you a gift card, Lieutenant Miller. If you’ve never been to California Pizza Kitchen, I’m telling you right now, chicken piccata, it’s freaking awesome. The egg rolls, oh my goodness, they are absolutely amazing. I could probably give you a few other menu tips, but anyway, I want you to enjoy the California Pizza Kitchen. And I want you to know how much we appreciate you for being valuable and showing the rest of the team that value is a consistent thing, even when you’re a leader, no matter what you do.

It gives me such a swell of excitement within me because those are the kinds of things I did in the beginning. It’s why the company continued to grow. Every time I had to go out on post, which I did for years and years and years, I worked hard so that everybody that was listening to the radio, anybody that would see the reports—not just for the client’s sake but for the rest of my team that I was working with—would see me continue to work. I didn’t work less because I was in charge; I worked more to show the value and the work-by-example model that we strive for here at Northwest Enforcement.

Lieutenant Miller, you’ve done that, so thank you so much for that. To the rest of you, the fact that we set such a small benchmark of two reports a week or two reports a night when you’re going to 20 different properties and that you yourselves overachieve on that level, is absolutely fabulous. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you for that.

God bless each and every one of you for working so hard because the clients notice and it’s why we grow. It’s why value happens, it’s why our community loves us. It’s because of those things that you bring that value, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you and thank you so much for everything that you do. God bless you. Have a wonderful week and remember, just like Lieutenant Miller, Be valuable. Nothing less will do.