Not a Loser

Not A Loser

Hey team! All right, so here we are. It is another beautiful Monday, and we’re coming to the end of the month. June is almost upon us; it’s almost summer. I’m sure everybody’s pretty excited about barbecues and lots of fun stuff. We will be having a summer barbecue. There will be more information about that in the coming weeks. Just to let you know.

Now, wanted to give you a quote I read a few weeks ago, and it said, “The winner is just a loser who tried one more time.” And I think that fits with our Monday Messages because one of our core values happens to be resolve.

Improvise, adapt and overcome. Don’t quit. Keep at it.

Everybody that wins typically has had a few losses. Many times the better we are, the more losses we have had. And you’ve heard me talk about this probably from time to time.

But people like Babe Ruth had just as many strikeouts. Mickey Mantle, just as many strikeouts. Hank Aaron just as many strikeouts. Ken Griffey Jr., for those of you who maybe are that old, have had as many swings at bat and misses as they have out-of-the-park balls thrown over the fence. It’s something that we deal with every day. We lose. And then we learn and we grow and we pick ourselves up and we continue to move forward.

The only way to remain a loser is to quit, to give up in defeat, and walk away. But if you keep at it, you will find yourself winning. We have been punched in the gut as a company. We have been punched in the gut. I have personally been punched in the gut physically. I’ve actually been punched in the gut before. Mentally, socially, right, and spiritually, I have felt punched in the gut. And it’s moving forward and refusing to quit, having that resolve to continue to try, to look at new ways to read another book, to go to a seminar, to watch a TED talk, to really invest in myself, to figure out what I did and how I can get better.

We as a team work in the same fashion. You as your individual teams amongst operations, and finance, and logistics, and so on. We spend time as a team recognizing where did we falter. What do we need to get better? How are we going to get better? What can we do to accomplish those things?

We’re not losers. You are not a loser. We are winners, and we are going to continue to try one more time.

We will continue to succeed. And we will still have some failures, and we will still make mistakes, and we will still learn, and we will still grow, and that’s the beauty of life, right? Not everything in life is guaranteed, but this, death and taxes. No, okay, that’s, oh wait, tax season is already over, so we don’t have to worry about that. But we are, we… are guaranteed if we continue to try, that we will be putting our best foot forward, and we, I believe that we will be blessed, and we will rise.

I believe the same for you. No matter what’s going on in your family, what’s going on in your current work situation here at Northwest Enforcement, what is going on in your life, in your sphere of community influence. I believe that if you continue to try one more time, that you will find yourself winning. You are not a loser. You are a winner. So just keep at it, and on this beautiful Monday, be valuable, because nothing less will do.

God bless you, you are a winner, and I believe in you. Thanks, talk to you later. Bye, see you.